Fuji720p Unpacked Two FIFA 19 TOTY Cards in a Single Day

Fuji720p Unpacked Two FIFA 19 TOTY Cards Single Day Twitch Streamer
Image source: twitch.tv/fuji720p

The chance to get one TOTY card is extremely low. The chance to get two TOTY cards in one pack opening is almost zero. However, it seems like EA Sports really likes Fuji720p considering he got two TOTY cards during single pack opening during his stream. 

This is perhaps part of the year when EA Sports earns most of their annual income from FIFA. We would even say they get more money now than during the first month after the FIFA releasing date. FIFA gamers and fans from all around the world are spending a lot of money at the moment. Truly, they don’t have to spend a single penny of real money, but that just boost their chances for unveiling strong/rare players.

N’golo Kánte in the free pack is unheard of

The most basic principle that applies to pack opening is the more packs you open, the higher the chances you will get a valuable card. Fuji720p proved that doesn’t have to be the case. Furthermore, he got N’golo Kánte in his first pack. Not only that, he didn’t open any packs before that one; but he also didn’t spend a single dollar for that pack. He was incredibly lucky that he got Kánte in a free pack, and all his viewers were watching in awe as they never seen anything like that before. Some gamers have spent literally hundreds of dollars and get nothing. But Fuji720p gets a TOTY card in the free pack. Just unbelievable.

Fuji720p got the best player in 2018 as well

Everyone would like to have TOTY Kánte in their FIFA 19 squads. Having such a good soccer player in the midfield will give any team a huge advantage over their opponents. FIFA players that have Kánte will most likely have full control over the midfield. And can you think of what power would a player have who receives two TOTY midfielder cards? Well, Fuji720p knows that feeling as he unpacked Luka Modric on top of Kante. He won’t only have defensive resources in the middle of the pitch, but creative resources, too.

Is Fuji720p able to look into the future?

Alongside unpacking two TOTY cards in a single stream, another very interesting thing occurred during Fuji720p’s last stream. Just before Fuji720p got Kánte, he said his name. One second after he said his name on stream, Kánte indeed appeared. You’d say it’s just coincidence, right? Well, it probably was, but Fuji720p also predicted his second TOTY card. This time he asked for Modric, and Modric came out of the pack.

There’s a saying that you will receive what you’re asking for if you repeat the outcome in your mind. But it’s very unlikely that this is what helped Fuji720p unpack Kante or Modric. Nonetheless, Fuji720p is the happiest FIFA player at the moment, and potentially the strongest non-professional player given he has two TOTY cards in his line-up.

Fuji720p Unpacked Two FIFA 19 TOTY Cards Single Day Twitch Streamer Luka Modric
Image source: twitch.tv/fuji720p

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