FIFA Pro Player Reveals Big FIFA 19 Issue

FIFA Pro Player Reveals Big FIFA 19 Issue
Source: EA

FIFA 19 is arguably the best soccer simulation game at the moment, and the most popular without a doubt. However, FIFA pro player, kurt0411, revealed a big FIFA 19 issue.

Is FIFA 19 A Realistic Soccer Simulation?

Given that FIFA is supposed to be a soccer simulation game, players expect of it to be as realistic as possible. Although EA Sports is improving its most famous product every year, FIFA is still far from being realistic enough. First of all, there are numerous glitches and bugs that we face every day. However, bugs and glitches are part of every game. Therefore, we cannot really blame EA for that kind of problem.

Nevertheless, as a sports simulation game, FIFA 19 can be a way more realistic and better. But, it’s hard to find a proper balance of realistic simulation and fun gameplay. It’s also questionable if FIFA should be more oriented towards simulation or gameplay. All in all, there are many FIFA 19 issues and FIFA esports player, kurt0411, revealed one of them during his last stream.

Four Kick-off Goals In A Row

Although Kurt is not one of the most successful FIFA 19 players, he had some notable results in the past. In FIFA 18, Kurt played the Semi-finals of two big events. He played Semis at FIFA eClub World Cup 2018 and Semis of the biggest FIFA event, FIFA eWorld Cup. In FIFA 19, his best result is Quarter-final at ELEAGUE FUT Champions Cup in Xbox section in February.  So, he is definitely a person who can speak about FIFA 19 issues.

During his last stream, Kurt was leading 2-0 but conceded a goal around the 60th minute. However, he managed to score a goal immediately after kick-off. It wouldn’t be anything unusual if it was the only kick-off goal in the game. However, it was just the first in a row. Later on, Kurt and his opponent scored another three kick-off goals. All of them came right after the previous one.

Kurt hoped that he could continue this streak, but failed as he lost the ball.

This is definitely a big FIFA 19 issues and can be easily exploited. Also, Kurt is someone who should be able to reply to these kick-off goals, but he couldn’t do much about that. Hence, EA clearly should do something about this and fix this problem. There is nothing that annoys players more than conceding a goal immediately after scoring one.

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