FIFA Pro Player Kurt0411 Banned From FIFA by Electronic Arts

FIFA Pro Player 'Kurt0411' Banned From FIFA by Electronic Arts
  • FIFA player “Kurt0411” got his account banned by EA games. The news was shocking to his fans.

FIFA is one of the most lucrative games out there. The game sells a lot and after passing Pro Evolution Soccer in popularity the game simply became the biggest football game on the planet by a large margin. The most interesting part of FIFA is the FIFA Ultimate Team. Players in this mode can create their teams and play against other players. Generally, players spend a lot of money to create the best teams. Because the players come from packs and these packs cost money. Of course, there are also big streamers in the FIFA community. One of these streamers is Kurt0411. He is quite frankly the second biggest streamer in the community. Last year Kurt0411 was banned from the FIFA esports arena. However now things escalated to whole another level.

Kurt0411 Banned Again

Kurt0411 is banned from EA games. Yes, that is right. Electronic Arts banned him from using their launcher to play any game not just FIFA. Of course, this decision came after several different events. At first, Kurt0411 was warned by EA because of his language against the employees and the community of the game. He has used a profane language regarding the game. Of course, most of us who play FIFA curse to the game on a regular basis. However, when you do it in front of a camera and if you are a big streamer, Electronic Arts pays attention to you specifically. After a series of warnings, he was banned from competing.

However, things did not end there. Kurt0411 continued to criticize the company and today we received work that EA simply blocked him from using his account. Electronic Arts put a statement about the situation and Kurt0411 made a video about it. This is a very interesting situation because he is banned from everything related to EA. as you know FIFA players can not just simply pick any other game and stream. This is not like FPS games where you can continue with another game. Kurt0411’s situation is a unique one and we are wondering will he get his account back?

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