FIFA 21 Official Gameplay Trailer Revealed

FIFA 21 Official Gameplay Trailer Revealed

FIFA fans have been waiting for this very moment for weeks now. EA Sports has just released the FIFA 21 gameplay trailer showcasing new features for the title.

You can watch the full trailer here:

Before we jump into the latest features, EA Sports is introducing ‘Player Personality’ in this title. The idea is to closely resemble the live performances on the pitch for world-class Footballers. If a player, in particular, is adept in multiple areas of the game, then it is to be reflected in FIFA. Does this make already meta players even more meta? Probably, yes.


We’re taking an in-depth look into the new and exciting gameplay features that EA Sports have mentioned in their trailer:

Agile Dribbling

The first feature in the FIFA 21 gameplay trailer is Agile Dribbling. Agile Dribbling is basically close control. You can use quick footwork, move the ball around from side to side, and then move away from the defender with a quick burst of pace. From the looks of it, this can also help you buy time before launching a ball towards a running teammate. You can trigger Agile Dribbling by merely pressing the R1/RB on your controller and move the left-stick towards the intended direction. The higher a player’s Dribbling, Ball Control, Agility, and Reactions, the better the player is at Agile Dribbling. There is also an option that enables your player to engage in Agile Dribbling automatically. You can turn it on/off in the controller settings screen. This is probably the aspect we liked the least in the Fifa 21 gameplay trailer.

There are three new skill moves as well: Feint Forward and Turn, Drag to Heel and Ball Roll Fake Turn.

Creative Runs

EA Sports is looking to implement better movement off the ball in this title. In previous FIFA titles, you’d have to rely on the AI to execute runs. Now you can take matters in your own hands with Directed Runs and Directed Pass-And-Go.

  • With Directed Runs, you can determine the direction a player will take once you trigger a run or call a teammate short. Just flick the right stick towards the intended direction after calling short or triggering the run. 360-degree control means that the possibilities are endless.
  • The Directed Pass-And-Go should lure those who love one-two passing. Put merely, flick the right-stick after you pass so that the former player can run into empty space to receive the ball again, possibly. This feature works with every type of pass available in the game.

You can simultaneously trigger up to five player runs at the same time. However, there is a very limited time-window for players to execute these Creative Runs.

Positioning Awareness

EA is looking to delve deep into achieving AI Player Personality, both defensively and offensively. The idea is to mimic the positioning sense of some of the greatest footballers in the world now. To accomplish that, the attributes in focus are Positioning for attackers and Defensive Awareness for defenders.

  • For attackers, you can expect them to make better decisions in terms of finding empty space, timing runs to minimize offsides, dropping deep to help in build-ups, and other improvements.
  • On the flip side, for defenders, they are to track runs better, reduce counter-attacks, be more effective at cutting off passing lanes, and some other changes here and there.

In the FIFA 21 gameplay trailer, Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, Virgil Van Dijk, and Fabinho were some of the players used to highlight this addition. One might predict that this new feature will highly concentrate on individual meta players.

Natural Collision System

We are glad we saw this in the gameplay trailer for FIFA 21. EA is now addressing the frequency and intensity of direct collision between players. FUT 20 players can recall numerous times where defenders just fell face-first scrambling for the ball resulting in uncalled for goals. Attackers, too, lost balance at the slightest of touches. EA Sports FIFA now promises more natural outcomes in such critical situations.

Fundamentals of Football

It’s refreshing to see EA making an effort into receiving feedback and applying it to the game. EA Sports will address Heading, Shot-blocking, Through passes, and Crossing in this segment. Does that mean these will be more meta in FIFA 21? Maybe, we’re unsure of that for now. Nonetheless, some of these issues had to be addressed by EA. It’s a matter of time to see how well EA can execute these fundamentals.

  • If you’ve missed out on the official reveal trailer for FIFA 21, you can check it out here.

To sum it up, EA Sports FIFA promises to reward players for being creative and experimental. They have mentioned this previously and have reiterated it in the FIFA 21 gameplay trailer.

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