FIFA 20 Volta- What Does EA have In Store For Us?

FIFA 20 Volta- What Does EA have In Store For Us
  • EA fans all over the world are hyped for the brand new FIFA Volta mode. But will the promising new game mode live up to its hype?

FIFA 20 is hitting the shelves at the end of this month. The most talked-about aspect (alongside Ultimate team of course) is the all-new Volta mode. EA has taken a step forward with the revival of the game in the smaller pitch having been 7 years since fans enjoyed Street Football on FIFA Street. FIFA fans have long asked for this feature and now they’re finally getting it.

What is Volta?

Volta simply stands for ‘return’ in Portuguese. Many state that this is a subtle hint to the return of Street Soccer in FIFA. The new mode diverts your attention from your favorite Football stadiums to the rooftop of Tokyo, Amsterdam’s underground, the biggest Favela of Rio and a few other indoor pitches across some of the most iconic Footballing cities of the world. The gameplay is designed in a way so you can express your style the way you want to. Starting from building your character from scratch to gearing him/her up with jackets, sneakers, and cool accessories- Volta’s got it all for the designer in you.

FIFA20 Volta Venues


One might wonder, “Okay, so this is basically FIFA Street all over again”… WRONG! EA really has gone over the top in order to make sure Volta appeals to its fans of all classes. Jeff Antwi, Producer of FIFA 20 had this to say:

“I should clarify this is not FIFA Street, it’s street football. That’s a key difference. It’s based on authenticity and being culturally relevant, making sure that we are presenting an experience that is fun and authentic.”

And to pursue that goal, the FIFA team traveled across the world working with some of the biggest names of the Footballing world to incorporate their valuable input into the game itself.

What are the different FIFA 20 Volta modes?

You get to experience various forms of small-sided Football here on FIFA Volta. There’s the 3V3 Rush (no keeper), 4V4, 4V4 Rush, 5V5 and finally Professional Futsal. Each mode is unique in its way with specific rules, formations, and play-styles. You can even combine rules to create interesting match types.

Volta Kick-Off mode lets you pit your favorite professional teams against each other in the smaller format. If you’ve always wanted to nutmeg Van Dijk with Messi, this is your opportunity.
Volta World lets you create and customize your unique team as you keep playing matches against AI squads in various locations. You can also recruit players from other teams which affects your team’s chemistry and playstyle just like in Ultimate Team.

The Volta Story mode lets you step into the shoes of a player as he makes his way into playing at the Volta World Championship in Buenos Aires. Throughout the journey, you meet some of the most decored Footballing legends to have graced the sport. It’s kind of like Be A Pro but for Volta. So you can customize your player using skill points like we usually do in Be A Pro.

The online Volta League lets you play against other players just like you. Here wins will lead you to promotions starting from Division 10 to Division 1 just like in Seasons mode. However, expect much more competition in this format.

How’s the gameplay like?

The gameplay engages you into the world of futsal unlike any other. There’s flair involved in every aspect of the game with neat passes and jaw-dropping flick ups. Players need to make quick decisions with regards to using the environment around them and executing the right skill move. Getting your body in the way of the shot is equally important as well. A lot is going on this high-paced, action-packed game mode. Dribbling seems pretty smooth despite the player with the ball. Quick passing requires some patience to get used to especially when using the wall. Player marking and shot-blocking seem to be more important in the smaller version of the game. But rest assured there are continuous moments of brilliance once you get the hang of it.

Volta Fifa 20 Soccer Game Play

FIFA Volta overall seems very promising given the fact that EA genuinely has put in an effort to hear out their players. It is nothing short of a revolution that has skyrocketed the franchise’s popularity. With the abundance of modes, customization options and showboating on steroids, I personally don’t see much that could go wrong. The question however is whether FIFA can consistently improve it bringing something new to the table. Otherwise, we’re looking at another failed attempt like the Journey mode. All doubts aside, I appreciate that EA has worked this long and hard to introduce Volta. It’s the main focus of this year’s FIFA for a reason and deservedly so.

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