FIFA 20 Title Update #7

FIFA 20 Title Update #7

Barely settling in with the last update, EA Sports brings out yet another title update for FIFA 20. Changes in terms of passing, shooting and new faces added to the game, this particular update seems to address many of the issues players have complained about recently. The updates we feature here are only updates that affect Ultimate Team and the full update can be found here.



Shots taken within 50 feet/15.24 meters or closer to the target are more likely to end up in the back of the net. The effect of the ball velocity of shots taken while inside the box has now been reduced. The ball will be directed towards the intended target which shall be determined through the result of the user’s directional input and shooting assistance setting. EA believes this will align in-game shooting to that of real-life scenarios.

Intended players are now more likely to receive the right pass after this update. The user, however, has to make sure that it is an easy passing situation. An easy passing situation is when there is no pressure from the opposing team and the ball is passed at a reasonable distance and position.

Ground passes now have a higher speed during goal kicks, free kicks, and corners.

Penalty-kick taker will no longer move his head during the run-up of the penalty. His head will be locked continuously towards the middle of the post.

Penalty-kick taker will no longer move his head
Source: EA


Squad Battles and FUT Champions

This update will introduce a ‘Matches played’ counter on the opponent select screen for Squad Battles. It will track only the first forty matches played and disregard the rest. Only the points gained from those forty matches will count for your weekly score. Sometimes users noticed an incorrect FUT Champions rank crest being displayed. This issue will be solved as well in the update.

Home matches glitch fixed

This is definitely a piece of bad news for everyone. EA seems to have found a fix to the home matches glitch. By utilizing this glitch, players had the advantage of ensuring home matches for themselves in Rivals and FUT Champs. On the home kit selection menu before every match, if kits showed up before players it guaranteed a home match for the user.


Home matches glitch fixed FIFA 2020
Source: Facebook/EA

Alongside all that, the game has also added 29 new star heads which will be available following a server update.

EA Sports seems to be pretty punctual in terms of bringing out updates. However, what follows is an impending round of new complains by users of the game. How the crowd will react to this one is unsure as updates for all platforms are not out yet. Guess only time will tell about that for now.

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