FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Promo- What to expect?

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Promo- What to expect

Ultimate Team, in a nutshell, is a series of promos one after the other. It’s mind-boggling at times to think of the number of promos that exist in this game. There are still Winter Refresh cards in packs and last week also saw the release of Icon Moments cards. This week there’s another crazy promo waiting to be witnessed by FUT players, and the FIFA 20 loading screen showcased the FIFA 20 Shapeshifters. The FIFA community quickly took to Reddit to give their predictions. Get ready for the Shapeshifters promo!


What’s the promo about?

The good thing about all these promos is that each one is different from the other. The Shapeshifters promo is no exception. Full details aren’t out yet but there are some strong rumors on what the promo might offer. The event begins today (February 21st, Sunday) and will continue till the 28th. Marcelo, Lucas Moura, Lacazatte, Alex Telles- are some of the players rumored to be released as a part of the promo. Whoever the players may be, it goes without saying that there will be great new cards in the market.

Any effect on the market?

Rumors suggest that the positions of these players may keep changing. This is quite like the stat changes of Scream cards of the previous years of Ultimate Team. If that is so, there may be fluctuating demand for these Shapeshifters cards. Such unstable demand will result in frequent price changes. You may profit overnight from a card that had little demand the last day thanks to such a position change. That’s likely to be good news for coin traders!

The content of the promo should be pretty standard. Just like every big promo, expect player objectives to be introduced. We’re eager to see what player can be obtained. There should be a special player SBC on the cards as well. Aside from that, we may expect SBCs that offer player packs. Promo packs should stay in the store along with the possibility of lightning rounds.

There aren’t too many details of the upcoming promo yet but the rumors are enough to get FUT players excited. Just like every other promo, we’re eager to see what new cards will get introduced to the market. Here’s to hoping they shift the shapes of our teams.

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