FIFA 20 Rolls Out Title Update #8

FIFA 20 Rolls Out Title Update #8

Barely a week or so since the entirety of the last update came out; EA Sports rolls out…. wait for it… another FIFA 20 title update. This update addresses a variety of gameplay issues, glitch fixes and some other minor changes here and there.

General Gameplay Changes

1. Made adjustments to yellow cards given out based upon a given foul. Players are now less likely to receive a yellow card for minor fouls.

2. The target marker shown during penalty-kicks will now be less sensitive than before. This does not, however, apply for penalty-kicks being targetted near the goalpost. The sensitivity for such a case will remain high for now.

3. There will now be a higher maximum shot velocity for free-kicks from this update onwards.

4. The free-kick glitch has now been solved. Previously, players had discovered a glitch where you can easily score from free-kicks even after red-timing shots. Such shots will now end up wide of the goalpost among the crowd. This was probably the glitch fix that was needed the most in the update.

Free-kick glitch:

Ultimate Team Changes
  1. Solved the issue where consumables couldn’t be applied to players or managers. There were also instances where users couldn’t enter Squad Building Challenges without exiting and re-entering Ultimate Team.
  2. A visual glitch where the team chemistry was not being updated when adding a player to a squad.
  3. Previously, players with Romanian characters would not appear when searching with standard characters.

Alongside all these, 29 new star heads are now added into the game. A simple server update will ensure the new additional faces. Some of the broadcast packages have also been updated along with kits and ad boards of the stadiums.

Do note that the aforementioned updates are the ones that concern Ultimate Team and it’s gameplay only. There are plenty of more updates and changes on board which you can find here.

This particular update came much sooner than expected. There isn’t really any solid change to any core aspect of gameplay so overall everything remains quite the same. But no complaints, regular updates do show that EA Sports are always on the lookout for improvements.

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