FIFA 19 Ultimate Team TOTW 13 – Review


The FIFA 19 Ultimate Team TOTW 13 review takes a look at AC Milan, Juventus, Chelsea and many more teams, as well player rating changes and cost to acquire a player.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (AC Milan)

Young Buffon, as fans call him, played a very good game against Torino. The match finished with no goals and Donnarumma is one of the reasons why that was so. He saved his goal four times and was the best AC Milan’s player in that game. His height makes possible for him to cover a lot of space. Consequently, his diving skills are the best rated in FIFA 19. Donnarumma’s overall rating is improved from 82 to 84.

João Cancelo (Juventus)

The Portuguese right-back was Inter’s defense nightmare. He was a constant threat on the right side of the pitch. Cancelo had several key passes and one of them was converted into a goal, so he provided one assist in 1-0 win. Juventus’ player was solid at back as well. He stole the ball several times and cleared the box from danger. João is known for pace and acceleration, but he also has other qualities. Therefore, his FIFA card is very expensive, especially the fresh new TOTW card. You have to part with at least 255,000 coins which is a lot. But he really worth it.

Sidnei (Real Betis)

This robust defender can also be useful as CDM. He helped his team to beat Rayo Vallecano 2-0. Sidnei had 9 successful long balls which are really a lot for such a physically-oriented player. He even managed to score a goal. His overall rating has been increased from 82 to 84. Sidnei is not so popular FIFA 19 player, but his defensive and physical skills could be helpful for any kind of team. His strength is estimated at 94, and he can tackle and intercept the balls very well. That makes him a good defender and decent CDM as well.

Faouzi Ghoulam (Napoli)

The Algerian left-back wasn’t Man of the match, but EA Sports decided to put him in Team of the Week for good reason. He spent the same amount of time on both halves of the pitch. That tells us a lot about his offensive potential. He provided two assists to his teammates in Napoli’s win versus Frosinone. Ghoulam is very reliable left-back and you can use him in for your Seria A squad. His TOTW card is actually not so much expensive considering his quality and reliability. Forty thousands of coins are not so much for such a good player.

N’Golo Kanté (Chelsea) 

Truly, Chelsea’s triumph over Man City is big deal, but it is really weird to pick N’golo Kanté for TOTW instead of David Luiz. Frenchman played a good game and scored a goal, and he is not part of TOTW without a reason, but the thing is that there are some other players who deserved to be in TOTW more than him. For example, David Luiz helped his team to keep a clean sheet and he scored one goal as well. Anyway, we cannot always agree with EA Sports. There is really no need to talk about Kanté’s skills and abilities, but you should know that you have to spend over one million coins if you want him in your squad.

Bruno Fernandes (Sporting)

You are looking for a great playmaker for a small amount of money? Here he is. Fernandes had three assists against CD Aves. Every striker would like to have one player such as Bruno Fernandes. Funny fact is that his top skill is actually Stamina (92). However, Fernandes’ second-rated skill is Vision(89). The best thing about him is that you can buy his TOTW (85-overall rating) card for “just” 34,000. That is cheap considering his skills.

Thomas Delaney (Borussia Dortmund)

Thomas Delaney is a great midfielder who scored a goal in a close match against Schalke 04(2-1). His overall rating has been increased from 79 to 82. His stamina rating (94) shows us that he can run all day, so it is a very convenient player for teams that run a lot. Borussia Dortmund is definitely that kind of team. So if you like to put high pressure on your opponent constantly, you should consider buying Delaney. He will cost you about 50.000 coins, which is an okay price for him.

Juan Mata (Man United) 

Man United beat Fulham 4-1 in the last match. If there was any doubt whether Kante deserved to be part of TOTW instead David Luiz, here is the sure thing. Juan Mata played an incredible game. He scored one goal and provided one assist. Stunningly, you can buy him for just 30,000. That’s basically nothing for such a great player. Sure, his pace is in decline, but FIFA is not only about pace anymore. Players like Mata are more useful thanks to new FIFA gameplay.

Ousmane Dembélé (FC Barcelona)

Dembélé did almost the same thing as Mata. Barcelona won against Espanyol 4-0 and Ousmane scored and assisted once. Young Frenchman has incredible creative and dribbling skills as well as great speed and acceleration. But he lacks in strength and aggression. However, it is not a reason to not buy him for your LaLiga team. In addition, he is not so expensive (approx 120,000 coins).

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

Salah scored a hattrick in the last PL round and that’s probably everything that is needed to be said about him. If you are already reading this article, you definitely know everything about this football SuperStar. Of course, be ready to spend a fortune to buy him in FIFA Ultimate team, to be more precise, be ready to apart with 1,400,00 coins.

Andrej Kramarić (Hoffenheim) 

Kramarić was a Player of the match in a 2-2 draw vs Wolfsburg. With high-quality shooting and dribbling skills, this Croat represents a perfect striker for teams which are close to Top Tier. He basically can score from any position and that is what matters the most at the end of the day when we talk about strikers. In addition to that, he is amazingly cheap. Just 23,500 coins are needed to buy Andrej. It is highly recommended to buy this player for any kind of squad.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team TOTW 13 Esports

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