FIFA 19 TOTY Mbappe Unpacked by Castro1021

Esports FIFA 19 TOTY Mbappe unpacked Castro1021 Twitch Gaming
Image source: CourteousFurryAyeayeAllenHuhu

FIFA 19 TOTY has been released recently and popular streamers  across the globe started to open packs. Streamers like Castro2021 are hoping they will get one of the valuable player cards. Of course, when we talk about FIFA and streamers, we cannot avoid mentioning Castro1021 and his funny videos. This time he was incredibly lucky as he got one of the best TOTY cards.


Last day results appeared to be right, as TOTY is fully the same as we predicted a couple days ago. Literally, nothing changed and EA totally agreed with FIFA fans as well as with FIFPro members. Therefore, Mbappe found his place in Team of the Year. However, EA Sports announced there is an extra place for another, 12th TOTY player. Fans can choose between five big stars: Griezman, Hazard, Neymar, Pogba, and Salah. EA Sports perhaps thinks it’s not fair that none of these players got into TOTY, so they gave them second chance.

Castro1021 has already started opening packs, and you just cannot miss his pack openings streams. One part of the reason is that he opens packs only when he can get something really valuable, as Icon cards and TOTW. Another part of the reason is that Castro1021 is just too funny, and no matter whether he gets something or not, he will react in a funny way.

Castro1021 TOTY card

This time, Castro1021 decided to make a joke about TOTY. At the beginning of the stream, we saw three TOTY cards – Van Dijk, Mbappé (what coincidence) and Castro1021. To make matters even funnier, Castro was wearing some kind of big bubble which reminds us of sumo wrestlers. As a reference to walkout players, he walked out from the pack in some way. Then his girlfriend knocked him down. Everything was followed by very amusing music in the background.

FIFA 19 TOTY Mbappé

Castro1021 was opening packs for a while, and he didn’t unpack anything special, so he was calling for Icon card as well. Then he realized he was going to get FIFA 19 TOTY Mbappe. He went insane, but who wouldn’t. Castro1021 needed several minutes to calm down in order to realize that he just got the FIFA 19 TOTY Mbappe player card.

Esports FIFA 19 TOTY Mbappe France unpacked Castro1021 Twitch Gaming
Image source: CourteousFurryAyeayeAllenHuhu

According to his words, TOTY Mbappe was his wish a whole month ago, when we didn’t even know which players were going to be nominated. It’s quite an ironic scene when Castro_1021 unlocks Mbappe; he turns into a crazy state where he runs up and down his studio in excitement, not believing what just happened.

But he definitely has a good reason for celebration. FIFA 19 TOTY Mbappe is worth about 4,200,000 coins. That’s an enormous price. It looks like 70k viewers were gave the luck Castro1021 needed. Another good sign was the 60,000 expensive FIFA points spent for the packs.

Castro1021 can choose what he wants to do with FIFA 19 TOTY Mbappe, but he will most likely keep him as it was part of his wishlist. Quite frankly, anyone who has this card is on a whole different level.

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