FIFA 19 TOTW Predictions Esports


Here are the Team of the Week (TOTW) predictions for week 12. Find out what can roll out.

FIFA 19 TOTW 12 Predictions Esports

Another interesting week is behind us; we have seen a lot of derbies and great matches all around Europe. As always, some players stand out as best ones. We’ll try to predict which players will be part of FIFA 19 Team of the Week 12 esports. Predictions are based on players’ performances, and it is only my personal opinion.

Alessio Cragno

This Cagliari’s goalkeeper played a brilliant game. Cragno had 10 saves. Nine times he saved the goal from shoots from the box. He didn’t manage to keep a clean sheet, but Cagliari would concede more goals if Cragno hadn’t been in top form. Twenty-four years old Italian is a very reliable goalkeeper, and you should definitely consider purchasing him for your Seria A squad, especially if you don’t have so many coins to spend.

Gerrard Pique

Barcelona faced strong Villareal in last La Liga fixture. Thanks to Barca’s strong defense, the Catalan team kept a clean sheet. Not only that Pique helped Barca to not concede a goal, but he scored one by himself. In this way, Spanish center-back had a huge impact on Barca’s win last Sunday. He was standardly good back in defense stealing three balls and providing seven cleans. Pique is not the fastest center-back in FIFA 19, but his defensive skills are good compensation. If you want to have Pique in your La Liga team, be ready to spend about 32.000 coins, and much more if he really gets into TOTW esports.

Giorgio Chiellini

Another center-back who scored a goal and kept a clean sheet. Juventus beat Fiorentina 3-0, and Chiellini scored a second goal. This old Italian footballer is even slower than Pique, but his defensive skills are better. If you play deep defense, he is definitely a good solution for your defense line. He also costs more than Pique, almost twice more coins. However, you shouldn’t regret spending more coins because it would save you a lot of nerves and potential conceded goals.

Jordan Torunarigha

Not only that this center-back did well in defense, but he scored one goal and provided one assist, for his teammate Vedad Ibisevic. With one goal and assist Jordan was chosen to be Man of the Match between Hannover 96 and Hertha BSC. He also entered into the team of the week in Bundesliga. At the moment, Torunarigha has silver FIFA 19 card, but that can change quickly. Right now he is not the best choice for Bundesliga squad because of his relatively high price and low rating. For the 70-rated player, 1300 is an unrealistically high price.

Ílkay Gündogan

The first midfielder in the squad should be Gündogan. He performed so well in the duel between Man City and Bournemouth. Man City won with the score 3-1 and Gündogan scored one goal. Because of his good performance, he is considered to be the Man of the Match. Also, he is part of the PL Team of the week. This German is basically free because you can buy him for only 6.500 coins.

Lucas Torreira

Lucas is one of two Arsenal’s players in potential FIFA 19 Team of the Week 12. We have seen great city derby between Arsenal and Tottenham and Torreira scored one goal in that derby. He also had a decent number of passes – 43. You can buy Torreira for only 700 coins, which is surprisingly cheap for Arsenal’s player. Torreira is a pretty solid player, and his main skills are agility and balance. That means he is useful for fast-playing teams.

Serge Gnabry

This young German was sufficient for Bayern to win the game against Werder Bremen. Gnabry scored both goals for Bayern and it turned out to be crucial for a team from Munich. Besides that, Gnabry played a very good game. He was a constant threat for Bremen’s goalkeeper, and he delivered so many good balls to his teammates. This left midfielder is a very useful player. He is extremely fast and has good shoot skills. Considering he is right footed you can use cut inside instructions really effectively. Serge costs only 4.400 coins, that’s nothing for such good player.

Lucas Vázquez

Real Madrid played a tough game versus Valencia last weekend, and Lucas scored one goal in that match. He had solid performance, so it is possible for him to be in TOTW 12 esports. Vázquez was fauled four times and he had two key passes. He was very dangerous during the whole game. There is no need to talk about the qualities of this player, and you can buy him for an extremely low price. You need to apart with only 1.400 coins.

Simon Terodde

Here is one player from 2. Division. However, it doesn’t make his performance less valuable. This player scored two goals and had two assists in the last match. He has very good attacking skills, especially heading, so if you have just begun to play FIFA 19, you should consider buying Simon because he costs only 600 coins.

Lucas Andersen

Andersen is another less known player. That’s because he plays in not so popular Denmark’s league. But he scored two goals last weekend and assisted his teammate once. Consequently, he was chosen to be Man of the Match. Lucas definitely deserves to be in TOTW 12.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

This is second Arsenal’s player in potential Team of the Week 12. Auba scored twice against Tottenham and assisted once. He played extraordinarily well, so he has the biggest chance to be in FIFA 19 TOTW 12 esports. Aubameyang is a well-known player; everyone knows how fast he is. Unfortunately, he is expensive as he is fast. If you want to buy him, you need to spend a lot. His average price is estimated at 300.000 coins, but he unquestionably worth it.

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