FIFA 19 TOTW 16 – Hazard, Firmino, Donnaruma

Esports FIFA 19 TOTW 16 Hazard Firmino Donnaruma

Even though it’s still the holidays, football games are still being played. However, among the top leagues, only the Premier League and Seria A teams played matches after Christmas and before New Year. Therefore, only PL and Seria A players found their places in FIFA 19 TOTW 16 with the exception of the Kums from the Anderlecht. 

GK: Gianluigi Donnarumma (AC Milan) 84 > 86

This young goalkeeper is one of the most wanted players in Europe and for a good reason. In the last match versus SPAL, he proved once again that he deserves to play on the best teams. The young Italian didn’t have many saves, given that he only let in 3 goals. However, some of these goals was extraordinary good. His FIFA 19 TOTW 16 esports card has great diving skills, as well as reflexes. Considering his height, Donnarumma can cover almost any part of the goal.

CB: Ricardo Pereira (Leicester City) 81 > 84

Even though Leicester lost their game against Cardiff, EA Sports thinks Pereira deserves a place in FIFA 19 TOTW 16 esports which is quite unusual. That tells us a lot about how Pereira performed in the last match. He was very solid at the back, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep a clean sheet. Pereira is incredibly cost-effective considering his price is about 1000 coins, and his skills are quite good.

CB: Milan Škriniar (Inter) 85 > 86

Milan is an almost perfect defender as he has no weakness. He is solid in every aspect of defense, including Interceptions(86), Marking(93), Aggression(86), and Standing Tackle(89). The young Slovakian player has four-stars weak foot and decent pace skills. Milan’s standard card costs 11,000 coins and you should definitely consider buying him for your Seria A squad. In the match against Empoli, he helped his team to keep a clean sheet.

CB: Lucas Digne (Everton) 78 > 82

Given that Everton lost to Brighton, it is very weird seeing Digne in TOTW 16 squad. He didn’t play so great, and his passing accuracy was terrible (58%). However, in EA Sports opinion, Digne is a legit part of TOTW 16.

CM: Sven Kums (Anderlecht) 81 > 84

Kums is perhaps the least known player from TOTW 16 squad. His TOTW 16 card is quite good. If you are seeking playmaker for your team, you may check out this CM. Kums has very good playmaking skills. His weak foot (left) has four stars, so you don’t have to think whether he will lose the ball because of passing with the wrong foot.

CM: Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio) 85 > 86

The young Serb had been in poor form since World Cup in Russia in last year. He was almost invisible on the pitch during his National Teams matches. Consequently. it seems his bad run ended, considering his great showing against Torino. Alongside him scoring a goal, Sergej provided many key passes for his teammates. That’s what we got used to watching from him. If you are seeking someone to take control over the midfield, SMS is your best choice. You can buy his standard card for approx 10,500 coins. Truly, SMS FIFA 19 TOTW 16 card will be more expensive, but better as well.

LM: Felipe Anderson (West Ham United) 86 > 87 

Anderson is undoubtedly one of the FIFA 19 fans’ favorite players. He is so fast and comes with good dribbling, passing and shooting skills. His only weakness in attack is his penalty kicks. Besides that, he has everything. However, it seems like EA Sports wants to be Santa Claus, given that not only West Ham lost 2-0, but also Anderson played so poorly. But EA Sport’s choice could be understood, if we take Felipe’s previous game into consideration, where he scored two goals.

RM: Alejandro Gómez (Atalanta) 84 > 86

Quite expected, even two Atalanta players are part of FIFA 19 TOTW 16. Namely, they beat Sassuolo 6-2 and Gómez was one of two main reasons for such a huge win. He scored one goal and had two assists. Alejandro’s rating was estimated at 10 by many football platforms. This 30-years old Argentinian is very short but as compensation, he has incredible ball control skills as well as Pace. Atalanta’s midfielder even has decent shooting skills. Taking all mentioned into consideration, Gómez is one of the best dribblers in FIFA 19 and definitely deserves a place in FIFA 19 TOTW 16 as well as in your squad.

CAM: Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) 86 > 87

Liverpool defeated Arsenal 5-1 in a very thrilling match. Firmino played brilliantly and scored a hat trick. It’s really pointless to talk about the qualities of such a famous footballer. Of course, high quality comes with a high price, therefore, Firmino’s standard card costs approx 40,000 coins.

ST: Josip Iičić (Atalanta) 84 > 86

Josip has already been part of FIFA 19 TOTW squad, and this is his second time. Alongside Alejandro Gomez, Iicic is a most deserving player for Atalanta’s six goals. He played just 63 minutes and scored a hat trick. Josip had three shots, and all of them ended up being goals. That shows us that he has the finishing touch. You can have his standard card for only 800 coins.

ST: Eden Hazard (Chelsea) 91 > 93

Hazard scored twice in last two matches, which turned out to be sufficient for him to be in FIFA 19 TOTW 16. Hazard has already become one of the best and most popular players in the world. With that said, do you want to buy Hazard? You will need a fortune to afford such player, as his standard card costs about 300,000 coins.

Esports FIFA 19 TOTW 16 Hazard Firmino Donnaruma Soccer Football

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