FIFA 19 TOTW 15 Prediction – Van Dijk, Lingard, Foster

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team TOTW 15 FIFA 19 Prediction Van Dijk Lingard, Foster Fantasy Card Esports

Another football week is behind us and we can summarize all results and performances. According to our review, Game Life can predict following FIFA 19 TOTW squad. Some very interesting names are there, as Van Dijk, Son, Lingard, and others. Let’s check out who found a place in our FIFA 19 TOTW 15 Squad.

GK: Ben Foster (Watford) – 77 > 80

Watford played a very interesting match against West Ham. West Ham was attacking and trying very hard to score. Their strikers were a constant threat for Watford’s goal, but Ben Foster stopped every single shot. He saved his goal seven times and helped his team to keep a clean sheet. Thanks to Foster, Watford didn’t concede any goals and they scored twice. Foster is known for his height and possibility to react in a split of a second. He is an enormously useful goalkeeper in any squad, and if he will really be in FIFA 19 TOTW 15 he is going to be even better.

CB: Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool) – 85 > 86

Van Dijk had already been part of TOTW Squad. However, he absolutely deserves to be there once more. Liverpool faced Wolverhampton and it was a tough match. Wolverhampton had already upset some big clubs in PL, and Liverpool fans were scared because their opponent could take points away from Liverpool. Anyway, Van Dijk was a perhaps crucial reason for Liverpool’s convincing win. He scored once and took care of any potential threats in front of Alisson. Van Dijk is a football superstar and it is pointless to talk about his great qualities.

CB: Raúl Albiol (Napoli) – 84 > 85

Napoli played a tight match versus SPAL. Hamsik and his teammates were dominating on the field, but the ball didn’t want to get into SPAL’s goal. So, Albiol took care of that and scored the only goal in the match. It means that he helped his team to keep a clean sheet as well. His marking skills in FIFA 19 are remarkable, and if he will be in TOTW 15, his skills will be improved. He is definitely worth 5,500 coins, which is his price.

CB: Manuel Gulde (Freiburg) – 74 > 77

Gulde repeated what Albiol did. That means the final score in Freiburg’s against Nürnberg was 1-0 and Manuel scored the only goal. At this moment, Gulde is not the best choice for a defender, but his potential FIFA 19 TOTW 15 card would be.

LM: Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen) – 79 > 81

Leverkusen won against Hertha 3-1 and Havertz scored two goals. Besides his goals, he played amazingly well. He is a very cost effective player, as his price he’s just 1,300 coins. For that number of coins, you will get a very decent player with good dribbling and passing skills.

RM: Camillo Ciano (Frosinone) – 75 > 77

Unfortunately for Ciano, his goal wasn’t enough for his team to beat Udinese, but it was sufficient for a draw and one point. He performed pretty well, and he is part of Seria A Team of the Weak. Therefore we can expect him in FIFA 19 TOTW 15. He is very fast and agile, and if you seek this kind of player, you should definitely consider buying Ciano.

CM: David Brooks (Bournemouth) – 69 > 73

Brooks is not a well known player as he doesn’t play for a famous club. Also, it is questionable if people from EA Sports would pick him for FIFA 19 TOTW 15 as his rating is pretty low. Nevertheless, he surely earned a spot in this squad. Bournemouth beat Brighton 2-0 and David scored both goals. Primarily, he is solid dribbler, but he posses decent passing skills as well. At this moment, he is not a player you want in your team, but if he becomes part of FIFA 19 TOTW 15, you should consider buying him.

CM: Dani Parejo (Valencia) – 86 > 87

Parejo performed extraordinarily well in his last match. As well as the goal he scored in Valencia’s triumph over Huesca (2-1), he provided numerous key passes. He is one of the best central midfielders in La Liga and fully deserves a spot in FIFA 19 TOTW 15. Truly, Parejo is an expensive player(price: approx 26,500), but he worth every single coin.

LW: Heung Min Son (Tottenham Spurs) – 84 > 87

This weekend, we had an opportunity to watch two matches in PL with a bunch of goals scored. One is a match between Man United and Cardiff, and another is between Tottenham and Everton. The team from London defeated Everton in great style, scoring six goals. Son played one of the main roles in this confrontation. He provided one assist and scored twice. Truly, every coach would like to have one Son in his team considering the outstanding quality of the South Korean. His great shooting and dribbling skills, as well as pace, makes him one of the most dangerous wings in FIFA 19. He will be in FIFA 19 TOTW 15 almost without a doubt.

ST: Gianluca Caprari (Sampdoria) – 73 > 75

Caprari did an unbelievable thing this weekend. Sampdoria faced Empoli and Empoli managed to equalize result in 76′ minute, so the score was 2-2. Caprari went in the game in 85′ minute and scored a goal just two minutes after. It wasn’t enough for him, so he scored once more in injury time. So, he scored two goals in only 12 minutes, which mean EA should definitely consider putting him in FIFA 19 TOTW 15

RW: Jesse Lingard (Manchester United) – 82 > 84

Manchester Untied’s Board decided to shake their club. Therefore, they sacked one of the most famous football coaches, Jose Mourinho. Mourinho had never been lucky with the third season in the club, and that was the case in Manchester United. It seems like it was the right move to make, as United crushed Cardiff this weekend. Red Devils scored 5 goals, and Lingard took a part in three of them. He did the same thing as Son; Lingard scored twice and assisted once. Jesse is enormously cheap. You need just 1,200 coins to buy the standard Lingard card. Surely, if he is really going to be in FIFA 19 TOTW 15, his price will go up.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team TOTW 15 FIFA 19 Prediction Van Dijk Lingard Fantasy Card Esports

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