FIFA 19 is Just Broken

FIFA 19 is Just Broken Esports Fut Gaming
Image source: EA

FIFA 19 players from all around the world witness ridiculous goals each day. Players could think-up the most ridiculous ways that a ball will find it’s way into the net. But there still can be another unique way that they’ve never thought of. This goal is proof that the game is broken, and that no one would imagine it’s path in a million years.

It’s well known that gamers are most frustrated when they play sports games, as you cannot control all players at the same time. Furthermore, you can’t even fully control one player as they always make some unpredictable move with their arms, head, and body in general. Therefore, it could be really annoying when a footballer doesn’t do what gamer wants him to do. That almost never happens in games genres such as FPS, RPG, MOBA and so on.

Another thing that frequently occurs in FIFA 19, which players find incredibly irritating are glitches. A gamer can really go insane when the ball suddenly changes a direction or just pierces through a leg or arm. These instances can even make grown men cry. Surely, there are frustration in other games, but gamers at least have full control there, and they can get frustrated only because of their mistakes, or eventually because of cheaters.

What a crazy goal

This goal actually shows us that you can score a goal though you didn’t have the intention to score at that particular moment. So, unless you are playing against AI, you at least can be happy because of other player got lucky. In this clip, you can see that player with black kits tackled the blue attacker. That’s the most logical move you want to make when opponent’s attacker is in your box. However, this player will never make tackle again anywhere near his goal.

The ball hit a player and redirected back to the goal. At first glance, it was clean save for goalkeeper. But then, the ball slightly touched the head of another defender and went over goalkeeper’s head. The goalkeeper tried to catch the ball, but his effort didn’t make it on time. You can imagine how mad this gamer was when this happened to him. But everyone would feel the same in this situation. The are probably hundreds of thousands of players that can relate with this unlucky gamer.

The one thing is for sure, we all conceded a similar goal at least once while we were playing FIFA 19. And we all swore we would never play FIFA 19 again, but we still do. If EA doesn’t want to be blamed by FIFA players, they should do something about these ridiculous problems. We don’t foresee that happening anytime soon as this is an issue in all EA games since the beginning of time.

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