F2Tekkz Won His Second Consecutive FIFA Esports Title

PGL FIFA 19 Cup Championship Esports F2Tekkz Tekkz Global Series Qualifier Bucharest Professional

F2Tekkz Won His Second Consecutive FIFA Esports Title

It seems that Donovan “F2Tekkz” Hun just loves cities starting with B. Last year, he won FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona, this year he won two consecutive tournaments in Bucharest. Ten days ago, he clinched a FUT Champions Cup trophy in Bucharest. Yesterday, he repeated the same accomplishment in the same city. This time he won the PGL Fifa 19 Cup, the official FIFA 19 Global Series Licensed Qualifying Event. Donovan proved once again that he is not just a “one tournament wonder”. Gradually, he is becoming a FIFA legend as he’s already a superstar. He has achieved a lot in his career by now, and he is only 17. Basically, F2Tekkz is at the start of the career, and he is full of passion for FIFA.

PGL FIFA 19 Cup Championship Esports F2Tekkz Tekkz Socer Football Gamer Player
Image courtesy of PGL FIFA Twitter


Truly, it is not the top Tier event, but it gathers some of the best FIFA players in the world, including past champions like F2Tekkz,  Mosaad “Msdossary” Aldossary, Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing, “StefanoPina” and many others. As the previous tournament in Bucharest, this one was divided on XBox and PS4 fraction. A total of 32 players (16 per console) took part in this competition. Pairs in the Group Stage were determined according to the Swiss system. So, the best players had to play against tough opponents to reach the Knock-Out Stage, essentially no one had an easy road. Four games were played in Group Phase. Players were fighting for $12.000 and 850 Global Series Points.

FCNicolas99 confirmed he’s in good form

FCNicolas99 is one of the players that played great in FUT Champions Cup in Romania in Group Stage. He lost only one match against “invincible” MoAuba in the last round. This time, Nicolas defeated the German in Group Stage and finished on the top spot without losing a single match. It wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. He faced four very difficult opponents. First of all, he had to confront KeturDylo. It was a pretty even match. According to the rules, each match has two games. Nicolas won the first game 2-1, but the second one was drawn. The aggregate score was 4-3 in Argentinian favor. This turned out to be only KeturDylo’s loss in GroupStage. Then, Nicolas faced PhilB94 and defeated him relatively easy 6-3.

In the third round, fans had an opportunity to watch a rematch between Nicolas and MoAuba. Both players came to this match undefeated, like in the previous tournament. After the first game, everyone thought the final result would be the same, as Auba won 4-2. However, FCNicolas99 hit back and made a comeback in the second game (4-0). Therefore, he booked the meeting with FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 runner-up, StefanoPina. The Argentinian managed to remain the only man undefeated. The final result was 3-2(2-0, 1-2). The biggest upset of this part of the tournament was “Agge” dropping out of the tournament. The 2014 Fifa eWorld Cup champion and FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Quarter-finalist didn’t do well in Group Stage, so he was knocked out of the tournament.

F2Tekkz played just amazing

F2Tekkz was out of his opponent’s league in this tournament, especially in Group Stage. He met some serious players and FIFA champions, but no one was even close to defeating Tekkz. We had an opportunity to watch a replay of XBox final in Bucharest, in the first round of Group Stage. The aggregate score was almost the same. Two 3-1 triumphs over Ajax Dani were sufficient for Tekkz to start the tournament in a great manner. Then, he confronted “Gorilla“, the FeWC 2017 champion, and blew him away (8-2). To the end of group stage, he beat S04 Tim Latka 3-1 and another champion Rogue Msdossary 7-3. The most surprising results in the XBox group were Ajax Dani and Marcus Gomez not reaching Knock-Out Stage.

PGL FIFA 19 Cup Championship Esports F2Tekkz Tekkz Global Series Qualifier Bucharest
Image courtesy of PGL FIFA Twitter


Nicolas99 failed to reach final, StefanoPina won PS4 title

We have seen some high-quality matches in Knock-Out Stage. Nicolas won his first duel versus RastaArtur 3-2 but lost to KeturDylo 2-1 in Semis. The very interesting match was played between MoAuba and StefanoPina. MoAuba, apparently don’t like a Knock-Out stage. In the previous tournament, he was furious in Group but lost immediately in Play-Off. This year, he lost to StefanoPina 5-3. Stefano won the first game 3-0, so Auba tried to equalize the result, but his 3-2 win was insufficient to advance further. In another side, F2Tekkz convincingly won against FCC Fiddle 3-1, so he booked another meeting with Gorilla in the tournament. This time, the former FIFA eWorld Cup champion performed better. He won the first game with the result 2-1, but Tekkz hit back in the second game with 6-4. In this way, Tekkz reached another XBox final in a span of just 10 days.

We also got the names of PS4 finalist. StefanPina faced KeturDylo in the PS4 final and won the title of PS4 PGL FIFA 19 Cup Bucharest 2018 champion. In another final, we saw the duel between F2Tekkz and MegaBit. It was a close match, but British player prevailed.

Unlike in FUT Champions Cup, players play only one game in the Grand final (cross-platform final) of PGL FIFA 19 cup. So, Tekkz and StefanPina had to be more cautious, considering there wasn’t space for mistakes. Pele scored in the 9th minute for F2Tekkz with nice finesse shot. Then F2Tekkz scored a goal with Ronaldo in the 38th minute. It appeared to be the final result. Therefore, F2Tekkz won another trophy, 850 Global Series points and $12.000 USD. He will be the absolute leader on XBox ranking list with 2380 Global Series points. No one will be even close to him.

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