F2Tekkz is ultimate champion of the FUT Champions Cup Bucharest 2018

F2Tekkz is ultimate champion of the FUT Champions Cup Bucharest 2018!

F2Tekkz is ultimate champion of FUT Champions Cup Bucharest 2018.

One hundred seventy-six matches had been played before final kicked off, 352 games and 704 legs. We literally saw thousands of goals in the tournament and a bunch of them in the cross-platform final as well. The best match in FIFA 19 so far, was played in the last three days. We saw that in FIFA, everything is possible as well as in football. On the last day of the tournament, we have seen seven amazing matches and one big upset. We know the names of title winners for both consoles as well as the name of the ultimate winner of the tournament. As one of the favorites, Joksan won the PS4 title. On another side, very young British player F2Tekkz advanced to final and won the match for XBox title.

F2Tekkz Wins Bucharest 2018
F2Tekkz is ultimate champion of the FUT Champions Cup Bucharest 2018
Image courtesy of Twitter

If we look back at a time when we talked about favorites and players to look at, we were right about more-less all names. We expected good performance from Joksan, F2Tekkz, Nicolas99FC, and Agge as well. All of them reached Knock-Out Stage, and American and British players went to the cross-platform final.

Clash of Titans – Joksan vs Agge

Joksan started the match so well; he beat Agge in the first leg with a close 2-1 score. However, he allowed North’s player to make a comeback, so the second leg entered in Extra Time. It was really tense to watch the game and the second leg finished with aggregate score 3-3, so we had an opportunity to watch penalties. Both players missed some penalties but in the end, Joksan was the last man standing. In another Semi-final we watched French player MaestroSquad against Brazilian SPQR_TORE. TORE won the first game and it was sufficient for him to book the duel vs Joksan in the PS4 final.

TORE was a real surprise for PS4 part of the tournament, considering that he didn’t do well in Group Stage, but he beat some big names in Play-offs like Nicolas99FC and MaestroSquad. Anyway, he couldn’t resist Joksan’s solid and stable game. Joksan won the first leg with score 3-2; the second leg finished drawn, so we got the first Major champion in FIFA19 on PS4. Although TORE lost the final, he should be satisfied with 850 Global Series Points and $15.000 US Dollars. That is going to take him to second place, right behind Joksan. By the way, Joksan won 1.500 points and he is going to be stuck on the top of the ranking list. This tournament shows that American is not one tournament wonder as everyone talked after Continental Cup which Joksan won.

Joksan EPSILON Esports Bucharest Champion
Image courtesy of Twitter
GoalMachine failed to win the match today

After a great play in the first two days of the tournament, everyone thought of GoalMachine as a future winner of the tournament. He looked invincible. Though, Dani revealed the opposite. He managed to beat GoalMachine finishing the game with aggregate score 4-3. It was a huge shock for the audience. Another Semi-final on the Xbox side was really interesting. We saw the fight between the young F2Tekkz and participant of an anthological match, Marcus Gomez.  It seems like Marcus was out of fuel because he lost against a future champion. But it must be said that British player played a very good match. So, we got the names of contestants in XBox final.

Young F2Tekkz started the first game so well and in no time he was leading 4-1. It was enough for Britt to win the XBox title, considering that the second game was drawn. We got the first Major champion in the new season on XBox, as well. Everything I said for SPQR_TORE applies to Dani. He got 850 Global Series Points and exact the same amount of money. F2Tekkz got 1.500 points and a match with Joksan for the cross-platform title and $50.000.


F2Tekkz destroyed Joksan in laggy final

It sounds rough, but it is the only way to say what happened in the cross-platform final. F2Tekkz just crashed PS4 champion. As he said, he was a bit lucky in the first leg; he scored one late goal and in a couple of situations, luck was on his side. The first-leg finished with a score 3-0. It was a nice advantage, but Joksan still could return in the game, so F2Tekkz still couldn’t celebrate. But in the second game, young Brit just demolished Joksan. He scored four goals. Joksan managed to score one as well, and F2Tekkz later said that he was a bit scared when he conceded the goal. Commentators were laughing at it. But to the end, no one scored any goals and the final finished with aggregate score 7-1.

F2Tekkz post-match interview – Link here

F2Tekkz was really happy about it, and we can see it through his reactions after each goal he scored. Also, F2Tekkz said that he didn’t come to Bucharest because of the money, but he wanted to win the title. However, he won $50.000 and he surely appreciates that. On other hand, Joksan should be pleased with $30.000. One funny thing happened during the final. A lag occurred, and it lasted for a couple of seconds. Players were confused, and they looked at a supervisor. It probably was the only lag during the whole tournament.

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