EA Sports Tricks Castro1021 Into Thinking He Unpacked TOTS De Ligt

EA Sports Tricks Castro1021 Into Thinking He Unpacked TOTS De Ligt

Unpacking FIFA packs can be tricky, and Castro1021 is one of FIFA players who experienced the “FIFA unpacking deception”. The most popular FIFA streamer, Castro1021 thought he unpacked TOTS de Ligt but quickly realized he actually got tricked by EA Sports.

Castro1021 thought he unpacked TOTS de Ligt

Castro1021 was opening packs hoping he can get some Team of the Season cards that are currently featured in FIFA 19. Those cards are very rare, and stats of footballers on those cards are significantly boosted. Although the majority of footballers have only one, standard, version of themselves in FIFA 19, there are some top football players who have multiple versions of their own cards in the game.

One of those players is Matthijs de Ligt who had an incredible season with his team, Ajax. They won both Cup and National League in their country and reached Semi-finals of CL. One of the most deserving players for that was their CB, de Ligt. Accordingly, he got eight different FIFA 19 cards. To name a few, he has In-Form, UCL, Future Stars card and so on. Among those cards, there is also a Team of the Season de Ligt card that is the best version of de Ligt in FIFA 19. Therefore, every FIFA 19 player would like to have one TOTS de Ligt in their team.

Castro1021 was opening packs and he saw he got a TOTS card. He also saw the position of the player (CB) and his national team (Netherland). So, Castro1021 thought he unpacked TOTS de Ligt, and started screaming, but quickly got disappointed.

It was Daley Blind

Apparently, Castro1021 couldn’t think of any other Dutch player from Ajax that plays on the position of CB and has TOTS card. However, he completely forgot about Daley Blind. He immediately asked how is that possible as he thought Daley Blind is a full-back. Indeed, Blind was full-back when he played for Castro’s favorite team, Manchester United. Nevertheless, he switched to Center-Back when he joined Ajax.

In some way, Castro1021 got pranked by EA Sports, which happens to many players who open packs. Although Blind doesn’t have bad stats at all (92), his price in FIFA 19 is much lower than the price of de Ligt. Whereas you can sell de Ligt for 750,000 coins, Daley Blind costs “only” 90,000 coins. Therefore, Castro’s disappointment is completely understandable. Also, it is very unlikely that Castro is going to use Blind in his team. Therefore, he is probably going to either sell him or use him in the Squad Building Challenge.

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