EA Bans Pro Player From Future Events For Disrespectful Behavior

EA Bans Pro Player From Future Event For Disrespectful Behavior On Stream

FIFA can be hectic at times, even for the pro players among us. Some can carry it well, while others have quite a hard time getting a hold on their emotions. Such has been the case for Kurt0411, a professional FIFA esports player.

What really happened?

It all began after Kurt0411 posted a series of videos on Youtube where he regularly criticized EA and it’s employees.  The final incident, however, took place on a Twitch stream where Kurt0411 was playing against HSV esports Nheisen. Kurt managed to score in order to equalize in the dying minutes of the game. Without sparing a second, he then went on to curse the game. “F** you EA” he uttered before he picked up a scarf with an EA logo and then spat on it multiple times.

This clip was posted on Twitter by DrJarba, a fellow twitch streamer. Jarba found it shocking as to how another FIFA professional can act as such on live stream terming it as ‘disgusting behavior‘. Kurt0411 has responded to his tweet boldly stating that the aforementioned viral clip is “better than your whole streaming career. Jarba then responded to it: “Kurt you are a spoiled brat. Thank you for proving that.

Kurt0411 Reply to DrJarba FIFA Ban
Source: Twitter
Reaction of EA To Kurt0411

On November 2nd, the EA Sports FIFA Competitive Gaming posted on their Twitter page regarding the action taken on Kurt. The penalty has been set as “Disqualification from all EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series competition and any future events scheduled beyond this season — effective immediately.” The explanation has been provided for the punishment as the company stated that Kurt has repeatedly violated the Code of Conduct. He was served a final warning a few months ago at the 19 FUT Champions Cup Atlanta. Before that in October, Kurt served a two-month, five qualifier suspension on the grounds of misconduct.

EA Statement Reddit Ban Esports
Source: Reddit FIFA

EA has concluded that such behavior is beyond acceptable “smack-talk“. The company also stated his behavior as constant harassment targetting fellow streamers and EA employees. However, a number of streamers have come out in support of Kurt. #FreeKurt seems to be quite trending on Twitter as well. Many on the other hand have sided with the company stating that Kurt deserved the ban.

While everyone might be sure whether Kurt deserved the ban or not, what’s concrete is that Kurt0411 isn’t returning to the FIFA competitive scene anytime soon.

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