EA Accidentally Releases TOTW SBC. FIFA Pros React.

EA Accidentally Releases TOTW SBC
  • Another week and another massive mistake made by EA. This time they have managed to accidentally release the TOTW SBC!
What is TOTW SBC?

Every year as TOTW 10 is about to appear in the game, EA releases a special TOTW SBC. This SBC is limited-time only, repeatable, and rewards you with a TOTW player of the current or previous weeks. This time the requirement was pretty simple. You need to submit an 83-rated squad including an in-form. The total squad chemistry was set at 50. Pretty good deal, right? Not really. And this is because the untradable TOTW player can be of any rating. So, you may submit an 82-rated in-form for your SBC squad and get an 81 rated in return, that too being untradable. Not only that, you lose 10 other cards that have an average rating of 83. Whether or not the SBC is flawed, that’s at the bottom of the list in terms of EA flops currently. What we’re concerned with is how EA really managed to mess this one up as well. The SBC was barely live for an hour with users swooping in from all directions. Most had the incentive to try their luck at packing the all-new IF Messi that many packed earlier during the Division Rivals and Weekend League rewards.

Reaction From Pros

As usual, FIFA streamers and pros are the first ones to arrive at the scene whenever EA drops new content. The first ones to go live are NepentheZ and Krasi; two of the most followed FIFA content creators. NepentheZ stated that the SBC was not worth it but went on doing one anyway for the sake of content. Unsurprisingly, he packed a 76-rated in-form. He ended the video advising his fans to stay away from the SBC.

The same was the case for Krasi. The latter, as always, began the video with a jolly mood. Krasi went onto pack something slightly better though, a 79-rated Bundesliga right wing-back. But that’s still very horrible in terms of the squad submitted. Even Krasi realized this SBC wasn’t worth it seeing the player he packed.

EA also released the first La Liga Player of the Month SBC, which features Toko-Ekambi. This card, however, looks great and asks for an 83-rated squad including an in-form.

It’s a big thumbs down from us for the TOTW SBC. It’s really a massive gamble and the game is yet to see many in-form cards that fit the meta. Look before you leap, especially when it comes to these lucrative SBCs.

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