Community TOTSSF Mauro Icardi Review

Community TOTSSF Mauro Icardi Review - FIFA20 Ultimate Team

With the onset of the TOTTSF promo, EA has already released quite a few scrumptious cards for FUT players. Today we take a look at Community TOTSSF Mauro Icardi, a card available through an SBC.

Requirements of SBC

# of players from Ligue 1 Conforama: Min 1
Squad Rating: 86
Team Chemistry: Min 70
# of players in the squad: 11

The SBC currently costs a little under 150k.

In-depth review

When we talk about striker cards from Ligue 1, we either mean Kylian Mbappe or Ben Yedder. Compared to them, TOTSSF Mauro Icardi doesn’t look bad at all. The TOTSSF card has received a +5 boost over the base gold card. The card has both impressive shooting and pace figures. Dribbling is pretty high too but the passing stats of this card are a complete letdown. In order to make up for some of those stats, Engine should be the desired chemstyle. Not only does it provide a much needed passing boost, but it slightly improves pace and dribbling too. The card features 3* skill moves and a 4* weak foot. At this stage of the game, that isn’t a desirable combo for nine out of ten FUT players. If we’re talking about how Icardi feels in game, he’s a good finisher inside the box. He seems to find himself in a sneaky position when you expect your striker to as you attack. His strength is pretty well reflected in his ability to shake off defenders. Dribbling wise this card can do much better, adding the fact that he has only 3* skill moves.

  • Notable stats: 91 acceleration, 99 acceleration, 97 finishing, 97 heading accuracy, 90 composure.
  • Traits: Outside foot shot, Power header, Solid player.
Final verdict- Worth it or not?

NO- TOTSSF Mauro Icardi is not worth it. Overall, the card is okay but does not offer enough to sustain at this stage of the game. Go for him only if you need a PSG striker for chemistry and can’t afford Mbappe. The new TOTSSF Moussa Dembele is a better option for 20k fewer coins. But when it comes to Ligue 1 strikers, Mbappe and Ben Yedder are still the cream of the crop. There’s Youcef Atal too as a brilliant option.

This is just the start for the Team of the Season So Far promo. No need to get impatient, as it’s only a matter of time till we get to see some super cards in the game.

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