Castro1021 Unpacks A Superstar Player In Free Pack

Castro1021 Unpacks A Superstar Player In Free Pack
Source: Castro1021 IG

The most famous FIFA streamer, Castro1021, was lucky the last time he was opening game packs. This time, Castro1021 unpacked a superstar player in the worst type of gold packs (free pack).

Worthless pack, or not?

Opening FIFA packs is a hit or miss. Of course, as long as you don’t spend a bunch of real money on it, it’s fine. However, it is as addictive as real gambling. Your wish is to get good cards with low investment. But, that is not going to happen most of the time. On the contrary, you are the one who loses. Nevertheless, the most popular FIFA streamer achieved a dream of all FIFA players. Castro1021 unpacked a superstar player in a completely free pack.

Castro was completing Sterling Player of the Year Squad Builder Challenge, and after completion, he got Sterling’s card and a free Gold Pack. That pack was nothing special as it was an ordinary 5k pack with one rare item. In those packs, if you get anything good, consider yourself lucky.

Castro1021 praised Messi and then found him in a free pack

Castro spent so much time watching the Champions League match between Liverpool and Barcelona during the stream and he was barely doing anything in the game. Most of the time during the match, he was commentating and reacting to it. He was so amazed by the skills of Lionel Messi, and he praised him so many times during the stream. At half-time, he still was giving his thoughts about the first half.

Then, he saw a 5k Gold pack, without even realizing that he got that pack for free. The famous streamer opened the free pack with no hope that he was going to get anything good there by no means. But, Castro1021 unpacked superstar player that he had praising previously. First of all, he couldn’t believe that he got a walkout player in such a worthless pack. Then, he saw the Argentinian flag and Barca’s logo.

Messi ran out of the pack and Castro started screaming in disbelief. Afterward, he was repeatedly mentioning how he unpacked a superstar player in such a “sh***y” pack. It was an unbelievable coincidence considering that Castro had just watched Messi right before he opened that pack.

Yet, Castro was disappointed a little bit when he checked out Messi’s price on Transfer Market. It was “just” 400k coins. But he couldn’t expect more as it was a standard Messi’s card and not a TOTY or TOTW card. Nevertheless, Castro1021 was incredibly lucky to get Messi in a free pack.

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