Castro1021 unpacked TOTW Son due to fan’s suggestion

Castro1021 Esports Fifa 19 unpacked TOTW Son due to fan's suggestion
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Castro1021 is known for his hilarious reactions and interesting appearance. Watching him opening packs is one of the most interesting things you can do on Twitch. This time, he let his viewers pick an ordinal of the pack so they can take part in an opening in some way. There wouldn’t be anything unordinary with that if huge coincidence hadn’t occurred. 

Team of the Week

FIFA fans enjoy watching streamers opening packs because the excitement is huge and followers somehow connect to streamers. Anyway, they like watching Castro1021 because of his crazy reactions as well. This time, Castro1021 had dozens of TOTW packs to open and he decided to let his followers pick which pack they will open according to their ordinal. As most of the time, he didn’t have so much success with that. None follower was lucky enough to choose a right pack.

Castro1021 Pick

Castro1021 was seeking for the most valuable player in TOTW 15, Paul Pogba. As said, none of the viewers was that lucky. Castro1021 was a bit disappointed after he got Havertz, which isn’t so expensive and strong player. Then, one of the people who watched the stream with the nickname koreanpenguin1602 typed number 16. Castro counted to 16 and opened the pack. He ate a bite of banana and was calling for the French player.

Anyway, the flag of South Korea appeared and Castro1021 immediately realized he got Heung Min Son and started screaming. Obviously, he was more amazed by the fact that koreanpenguin unpacked Korean player than by the Son himself. Sure, Son is one of the best PL players, and he is definitely worth screaming and disbelief, but it is more amazing that he came from the someone that has nickname koreanpenguin. Perhaps it was the biggest coincidence in the history of FIFA pack opening, or was it?


Some people instantly blamed Illuminati for this, but of course, it was a joke. Afterward, Castro1021 needed a couple of seconds to calm down. Then he made a joke about this coincidence. He asked for someone with the nickname frenchpenguin to say what pack he should open the next. Clearly, it was a reference to Pogba’s and Ribery’s nationality, as they are both French. Castro1021 should definitely be satisfied with Son. The South Korean is a great player, and his TOTW card makes him even better. It’s only up to Castro1021 to choose whether he wants to sell him or use him in PL squad.

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