Castro1021 Unpacked Pavel Nedved in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Castro1021 unpacked Pavel Nedved in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Esports
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Castro1021 unpacked Pavel Nedved in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Unpacking packs is definitely one of the best and most exciting parts of FIFA Ultimate Team. It is some kind of lottery because the risk is high, and most of the time you are just wasting coins. But you can win expensive players aka lottery players as they are incredibly rare to find. It seems like the most popular FIFA 19 streamer, Castro1021 was so lucky in last week. First, he got Michael Ballack, and now he unpacked another icon card.

You surely ask, how it is possible that those streamers get valuable cards frequently, and the best you got was in-form Bruno Fernandes. Well, you should know that streamers like Castro1021 had opened dozens of packs before they got such rare cards. So, unless you want to spend real money, you have to play FIFA a lot in order to earn enough coins to open a sufficient number of packs.

This time, Castro1021 gained the legend of Juventus and Czech Republic, Pavel Nedved. He was streaming his FUTMAS pack opening, hoping that he would get FUTMAS players. For those who don’t know, FUTMAS packs are FIFA 19 Promo packs that potentially contain FUTMAS players. Those are cards with improved skills and ratings, with regard to following holiday, Christmas. Castro1021 was a bit disappointed with the previous pack, and he was whining about it.

He hen opened the next FUTMAS pack and quickly realized that he is going to get Icon card. His reaction was madness. Castro1021 started screaming “Icoon, Icoon”. When he saw Pavel Nedved, he untied his hair and started joking about hairstyles, which are apparently similar.

How is good Pavel Nedved?

There are three Pavel Nedved Icon cards. It looks like Castro1021 wasn’t lucky enough, because he got the worst version of Pavel Nedved. But, he really cannot complain about anything, considering how valuable Icon cards are. Castro’s Pavel Nedved is rated 86 and it is the fastest card with 90 Pace skills.

Logically, this Pavel Nedved is the cheapest variant of all Nedved cards. It can be bought for “just” 700,000 coins. Other two are each over 1,000,000 coins. The main Czech’s role is Left Midfielder, but you can use him practically in any position in last third. Nedved is a complete player as he doesn’t lack any skills, except defensive and little bit physical skills.

Generally, Nedved is used as creator and playmaker, but his speed provides you with even more options. Therefore, Castro1021 was celebrating madly for a good reason.

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