Bundesliga 50k squad [FIFA 19 Guide]

Bundesliga-Squad--for-100000-Coins-FIFA-19 Esports
Image source: EA Sports

Making a good squad for just 50k coins can be a really tough job, but Game Life is here to make that job easier. You surely don’t expect top players in this Bundesliga 50k squad, but we will prove you wrong. Furthermore, this article will show you that you can build a great team quickly, considering that gathering 50k doesn’t require much time. 

GK: Ralf Fährmann (83) – Schalke 04 [approx price – 1.500]

Fährmann is simply the best goalkeeper pick. Bundesliga is generally known for great goalkeepers, and Ralf is definitely one of them. His reflexes are incredible (rating: 87). With him in front of your goal, you will always feel safe. The good thing about Schalke’s player is that you can buy him for just 1,500 coins. It’s a real bargain.

LB: Raphaël Guerreiro (78) – Borussia Dortmund [approx price – 850]

Players from Borussia Dortmund are very cost-effective. For some reason, you can buy them for a small number of coins and they are all high-quality players. No wonder that Bayern is “stealing” Dortmund’s footballers. Furthermore, you can choose between three left-backs. Alongside Guerreiro are Wendell and Schmelzer. They are all more-less the same type of players, but Guerreiro has better passing and dribbling skills. He reminds us more of a left-wing than left-back, and his attacking skills are a reason why we chose him. He is definitely the most piercing LB you can choose for Bundesliga 50k squad.

CB: Niklas Süle (84) – Bayern Münich [approx price – 7.500]

Unlike picking a left-back, choosing a center-back pair wasn’t so hard. For this amount of money, there are only three decent enough center-backs. However, two of them are almost the same when it comes to skills. Niklas Süle and Jonathan Tah are both robust defenders with excellent skills. Therefore, we’ve chosen the better one and that’s undoubtedly Süle. His strength (94) guarantees you that no player will win a duel against him. Also, his height (6’5”, 195cm) will make all other players around him look short. So you don’t have to care for crosses and long passes.

CB: Ömer Toprak (83) – Borussia Dortmund [approx price – 5.200]

The general rule is to have two compatible center-backs in the back line. That’s why we picked Toprak instead of Tah. Tah is more physically oriented and his passing skills and ball control are very weak. On other hand, Toprak has good Sprint Speed (79), Short Passing (77), Long Passing (71), Ball Control (73) and Composure (79). That all makes him a better partner for Süle than Tah. Therefore, you will always have a possibility to distribute the ball from the back line.

RB: Łukasz Piszczek (81) – Borussia Dortmund [approx price – 800] 

As mentioned, Dortmund’s footballers are so cost-effective, and that’s the reason why there are most of Dortmund’s players in our squad. It appears there are not so many great Right-backs for Bundesliga 50k squad. Only other options are Rafinha and eventually Lars Bender if you consider him for real RB. Anyway, Piszczek will do the job. He is very experienced and defensively solid player. The good thing about him except the price is his maneuverability as he can play anywhere in the back line.

RM: Arjen Robben (85) – Bayern Münich [approx price – 14.500] 

Yes, you’ve read correctly, there is enough space for such a legend in our  Bundesliga 50k squad. And you will be even more surprised when you read the name of the player on another side of the pitch. Anyway, as we saved a lot of money on players in defensive line, we could afford to spend more on attacking-oriented footballers. Truly, Robben is very old, and one of his main characteristics (pace) is in decline. However, he is still one of the most dangerous players in FIFA 19. His sole weakness is his stamina, and that was the only reason why we doubted to buy him instead of Pulisic or Bellarabi.

CDM: Julian Weigl (81) – Borussia Dortmund [approx price – 1.500]

Weigl was the most obvious choice when it came to picking CDM. Indeed, Martinez is a much better defensively-oriented player than him, but the question is whether CDM is an adequate position for Martinez. So, Weigl was only one left for our Bundesliga 50k squad CDM. His best skill is Interceptions (87) and that makes him a remarkably good game spoiler. He is there to stop opponents attacks and you should use him in that way.

CDM: Axel Witsel (82) – Borussia Dortmund [approx price – 1.500]

As Weigl is a game spoiler, we needed someone to be a game creator. Witsel is not the best game creator, but he is surely the best one that can also play CDM position. There are other players as Götze, Goretzka, Tolisso, and others, but they are not so fitting for this position. Therefore we picked Witsel who has decent passing and dribbling skills.

LM: Franck Ribéry (85) – Bayern Münich [approx price – 12.750] 

This is another legend we talked about. It’s really pointless to speak about his qualities and why he is our first choice for LM. Ribery has done so much in his career and now he calmly waits for the retirement. However, you can still use him in FIFA 19 as one of the best technicians and magicians. You also need to know that we use 4-2-2-2, so great wingers are crucial for a good game.

ST: Timo Werner (83) – RB Leipzig [approx price – 2.800]

Bundesliga really has many valuable strikers, and it wasn’t an easy choice to pick compatible attackers pair. Anyway, we can all agree Timo Werner truly deserves a place in Bundesliga 50k squad. His speed and pace, as well as exceptional finishing skills (87), make him one of the best strikers in Bundesliga. Anyway, he needed a robust partner in order to have someone to save the ball for him.

ST: Ante Rebic (79) – Eintracht Frankfurt [approx price – 700]

We cannot really say for Rebic that he is a robust attacker, but he is the best we got. There are many other great strikers like Kramaric, Volland, Alcácer and so on, but they are all so similar to Werner. Therefore, we chose Ante to be Werner’s partner.

Bundesliga-Squad--for-100000-Coins-FIFA-19 Esports Roster

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