Brazil All-Stars FUT 20

Brazil All-Stars FUT 20

Whether you’re a fan of Brazil or not, there’s no denying that the game features tons of Brazilian legends. With so many options to choose from, one might wonder how the best possible XI looks like this FIFA.

Our chosen Brazilian XI isn’t really curated based upon their rating but their actual impact inside the game. Each and every one of the chosen players are extremely formidable and desired by FUT players all around.

We’re picking the 4-5-1 formation as it provides the best value in accommodating the Brazilian icons we’re using.


Our pick for the goalkeeper was pretty simple, it is TOTY Alisson. While he isn’t even mildly regarded as the best goalkeeper in the game, he is the best possible Brazilian keeper. He is currently priced at 440k in the market.


There aren’t many options to choose from when it comes to center-backs. Our two picks are Flashback David Luiz and UCL Live Marquinhos. Both the center-backs are well-rounded in terms of pace, defending and physical ratings. Not the most popular choice as defenders, but they are certainly useable and can be lethal defenders.


Brazil features a wide array of left-backs, that too world-class quality ones. Roberto Carlos, however, takes the title for the best left-back making his place in this squad. Not only as a defender, but Roberto is also a monster when it comes to free-kicks.


Our pick for the right-back is undoubtedly Carlos Alberto Torres. A high pace paired with high defense and physical figures, Capita is a deadly formula for launching deadly attacks from the back.


The one and only Ronaldinho takes this position in our squad. A spearhead in the attack, Ronaldinho’s dribbling, and passing stats will give you the assurance that the ball will find the right man during an attack.


We’re picking Garrincha as our right-mid. Another 5*4* just like Ronaldinho, Garrincha is an extremely well-rounded attacker with high figures in all the right places.


We’re picking three central midfielders for our squad. They are UCL Live Allan, Headliners Neymar, and Pele. Neymar and Pele will play as central attacking midfielders while Allan will take care of the dirty work at defense.


This squad is incomplete without the best striker in the game and that is Ronaldo. A 5*5* with ridiculously high pace and shooting stats is the perfect formula for a goal machine that Ronaldo is.

You can find the complete squad here.

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