The Best FIFA 19 Players Tell Us Their Favorite TOTY Cards

The Best FIFA 19 Players Tell Us Their Favorite TOTY Cards Esports
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Recently, the best FIFA players discussed how TOTY changed Meta. This time, the same players named their favorite TOTY cards. They spoke to EA about why they like particular TOTY cards, and how their game has improved improved.

The Best FIFA 19 Players Tell Us Their Favorite TOTY Cards

Agge from North said his favorite TOTY player is Neymar. As he said, Neymar has five-stars skills, which makes Neymar a very interesting player to play with. His dribbling abilities are indescribable. In addition to that, one of the best FIFA players mentioned Neymar’s five-star weak foot.

According to Agge’s words, that gives players the opportunity to score from many different angles with both legs. We all know how it can be annoying when you have to pay attention to which leg is the player’s stronger leg. It takes many precious seconds from you while you are trying to put the player in best position for shooting.

FIFA 19 TOTY Neymar JR Pricing Esports
Image source: EA

Huge Gorilla’s favorite TOTY card is also Neymar. He stated that Neymar had always been his favorite player, no matter if it’s Neymar’s standard, in-form or TOTY card. The British player is very delighted that Neymar made it to TOTY as 12th card.

Alex Shaw

Alex Shaw has the same “taste” for players as previous players. It seems like best FIFA players think in a similar way because Shaw also likes Neymar. He said that the Brazilian player is his favorite on the game.

Another British player, Tass from FaZe prefers Brazilians, too. But instead of Neymar, he likes to play with Marcelo. One of the best FIFA players on Xbox said that he has some good memories with Marcelo, considering he won Championship couple years ago with him. Therefore, Tass is glad to see Real Madrid’s left-back again in TOTY.

Marcuzo45 thinks in the same way as first three players. His favorite TOTY player is also Neymar, and he thinks he is absolutely the best TOTY card at the moment in FIFA 19.

The best FIFA 19 player, F2Tekkz’s favorite TOTY card is Van Dijk. F2Tekkz is known for being a hardcore Liverpool fan, and that’s actually why he likes Van Dijk. But also, F2Tekkz thinks Van Dijk is good at the back, and that’s just one more reason for a British player to like Van Dijk that much.


FUTWIZ Marko thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best TOTY card. As he said, standard Ronaldo’s card wasn’t bad, but his TOTY card is just from another league.

One of the best FIFA players on PS4, StefanoPinna agrees with Marko from FUTWIZ. He thinks that Ronaldo is good at anything, and that’s why he is the best TOTY player.

Rogue GoalMachine’s favorite TOTY card is Messi because it’s his favorite player in real life.

Dani from Ajax likes Cristiano Ronaldo because of his shooting and dribbling skills. As he said, everything about Ronaldo is perfect, and that’s why he likes him so much.

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