Are Future Stars objectives worth it?

Are Future Stars objectives worth it

As EA releases each promo one after the other, we are greeted by a host of fresh new FIFA players. Two amazing players the ongoing Future Stars promo gave us are Daniel James and Martin Odegaard. Both of the players can be obtained by completing a series of objectives. Today we compare the two young stars placing their prime versions side by side and decide whether they’re worth the grind or not.

Martin Odegaard

La Liga doesn’t have much to offer for the CAM position in Ultimate Team. This Future Stars Odegaard is a sigh of relief for many FUT players. Overall, Odegaard is a solid CAM with high figures both in terms of pace and shooting. He also has 5* skill moves and 3* weak foot. Playing him on full chem might be a bit of a headache unless you’re running a full La Liga squad or have icons to link with. In terms of chemistry style, you can slap a sniper or deadeye to get the best out of him. Both will take his shooting skills to the next level.

Notable traits: 90 acceleration, 95 shot power, 95 stamina, 98 ball control, 97 stamina.

Degaard Future Star Academy Objective Fifa 20
Source: EA


Daniel James

The Premier League has plenty to offer if you’re in the market for a wide midfielder or winger. But for a card that can be obtained for virtually no money, Future Stars Daniel James is surely a standout. A right-mid with a super high pace and decent shooting stats is the perfect formula for wreaking havoc at your opponent’s defense. 4* skill moves and 4* weak foot gives you further incentives to integrate him into your starting squad. Linkability shouldn’t be a problem at all if you’re running a full Premier League squad or can link to icons. There’s also the option of green-linking him to Aaron Wan-Bissaka. If you’re wondering what chemistry style to use, you can apply a sniper or deadeye just like Odegaard. Both of them will maximize quite a few of those shooting stats.

Notable traits: 98 acceleration, 96 shot power, 99 agility, 95 stamina, 90 short passing.

James Future Star Academy Objective Fifa 20
Source: EA

Final Verdict

Are they worth the grind? Definitely, especially for Daniel James. Both the Future Stars cards are quite meta in terms of current gameplay. The objectives aren’t that hard, to begin with. You can complete all of the Daniel James objectives just by playing Squad Battles and that’s a big W if you ask us. Get into the game and get those cards right away!

It’s really impressive how EA came up with something different in this promo which has been received well by fans. We hope EA keeps surprising FUT fans in the coming days as well.

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