Virtus.Pro Set To Lengthen 19 Tournament Streak of Top 6 Finishes.

Virtus.Pro Set To Lengthen 19 Tournament Streak of Top 6 Finishes.
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Virtus.Pro had an excellent showing in the first day of the MDL Paris Major group stages, only dropping one game. They have definitely solidified their positions as one of the favorites coming into the tournament… again.

VP is set to have the most consistent track record in the Dota 2 pro circuit, setting themselves up to being one of the most dominant teams in Dota 2 history. They are currently sitting on a 19 tournament streak with a top 6 finish. For reference, Team Liquids longest top 6 streak spanned 10 events between the Kiev Major and EPICENTER XL. VP have been consistently making top finishes since November of 2016, having a strong presence in every Lan tournament they attended in the last 3 seasons.

VP will look to keep this reign of dominance alive, since they are due to completing a 20 tournament streak of finishing above top 6. The streak will be solidified if they win a single BO3 series tomorrow, guaranteeing a spot in the Winner Bracket.

Practice Makes Perfect

Another interesting thing to note, VP has maintained the same four players in their roster since August of 2016. This makes VP have not only one of the longest lasting rosters in Dota 2, but also the most consistent one in Dota 2’s history.  Its truly difficult to remember a time where VP was not considered a threat at an event, and they are on their way to maintaining that for months to come.

Many things can point to the success of VP in recent years. Firstly, the core roster have been playing together for a very long time. Based on their recent documentary, the players seem to have gotten really fond of one another. They mentioned that this wasn’t always the case, since rounding up a lot of talented players can have some conflicting egos. However, based on their successful results and many years of sticking together, they’ve learned to mesh well. Let’s take a look at what each of the players has to offer to achieve such consistent results.

The brains behind the brawn

Solo was the designated drafter and strategist of the team, but took a back seat this season after a lackluster finish at TI8. Despite that, his many years of experience and knowledge of the game proves to be a great asset to VP. Solo is known to have created many popular strategies that are still being used today. Working in conjunction with VP’s coach, Arszeeqq, they continue to shake the meta with their clever ideas behind the game.

The renaissance man

Their most recent player, Rodjer, gave the team instant success, netting them 2 consecutive first place finishes after his arrival. In contrast, his predecessor Lil, had a handful of Lan wins, but no where near the quality that Rodjer brings to the table. It is without a doubt that he is an instrumental part of VPs reign of dominance. He is also considered as being one of the strongest position 4 players in the world.

The rock

9Pasha has consistently been considered as one of the greatest offlaners of all time. His diverse hero pool and clever item builds make him able to adapt to almost any game thrown at him. He will constantly be forced to lane against three heroes on his own, but still manages to find his farm. In the case where his fellow cores are having a rough game, he takes on the mantle of the carry and puts his teammates on his back. 9Pasha is a player you can always rely on, even in the worst of games. If you were to ask yourself “what hero does pasha excel at?” the answer would be, all of them.

The maestro

No[0]ne is a feared laner in the dota 2 professional scene. Even Suma1l, one of the most arrogant players around, mentioned that No[o]ne still gives him trouble when the two meet in game. Past the laning stage, No[o]ne is no stranger to taking hold of the reigns and solo carrying his team to victory. He makes excellent decisions in the mid to late game, and has the flashy plays to back it up. A top tier mid laner that VP cannot do without.

The wizard

Ramzes has matured and refined his skills in Dota 2 over the many years hes competed. Debuting for VP at the young age of 17, he has shown that he is a constant threat to any team he faces. If he gets one of his signature heroes like Terrorblade or Anti Mage,  his class and intelligence truly shows through his play. It’s also rumored that Ramzes had taken up the mantle of drafting and theory crafting along with his captain and coach. Its likely that Ramzes will one day prove to be an excellent captain, since hes taken on the role at such a young age.

A recipe for brilliance

No one can give a single reason as to why these group of guys seem to work so well together. But its become a rarity in the scene when the stars align like how they did in this case. Amid the controversies regarding shady roster swaps, its truly refreshing to see that a team that has been together for many years still performing at their best. VP however, are still hungry for a TI win, and their sights are surely focused on the TI9 aegis. They are sure favorites to being the best team in the world this year.

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