Team Team Controversy Retrospective [Dota 2]

Team Team Controversy Retrospective Gunnar Eternal Envy[Dota 2]

Here’s everything you need to know about the recent drama involving Eternal Envy and Team Team. Exploring the different dynamics and narratives of each party, and getting a different understanding of the struggles of being a DotA 2 professional player.

Background on Team Team

One of the most magical story-lines of recent history in DotA 2 is the story of Team Teams road to fruition. They had a multitude of roster shuffles, and mediocre results since their last LAN win on November of last year. But under the captaincy of ixmike and the experience of Eternal Envy, Team Team went on to qualify to play on one of the most luxurious DotA 2 tournaments of the year, The MDL Paris Major. This was not only a feat for the top-heaviest region in the scene; North America, but a feat that proved that with hard work and determination, anyone can make it in DotA 2.

Team Team is a group of guys with vastly different story-lines and backgrounds. But the most interesting story focuses on two main characters, Eternal Envy, “The Veteran”, and Gunnar, “The prodigy”. These players set the right dynamic for one another. They seemed to have sharp synergy and complemented each other’s play style. And for the first time in over a year, it seemed that there was a chance that Evil Geniuses wasn’t the only North American DotA 2 team to fear.

What actually happened

Team Team had a slow start to the season with a decent 5th finishing at the Bucharest major on January this year, but they were able to just about qualify to most minors. However, that all changed after Team Team finalized their roster consisting of; Eternal Envy, ixmike, Brax, Newsham, and Gunnar, and qualified to the Paris Major. They later finished 5th on a non Dpc tournament, Esl One Mumbai. For a moment, it seemed that this was the next team to look out for. That all the roster shuffles paid off, and that these five ragtag group of players hungry to prove their worth, finally made it. But that feeling was short-lived. Promptly after qualifying to Paris, and getting eliminated in Mumbai, Gunnar sent out this tweet, followed swiftly by Newshams. Gunnar and Newsham were kicked, and with that, a storm ensued.

Why it blew up

Now, this was news, but it wasn’t shocking news by any means. Eternal Envy had a long history of kicking players at some would say, “convenient” times for him. Just look up on the controversies behind Sammyboy and Ohaiyo. The reason this blew up was because of Kyle Freedman’s (a DotA 2 analyst, caster, and ex pro player) opinion on the situation from his point of view. Kyle is known to express his thoughts with no filter, and sometimes it results in what happened here. A complete backlash from the community, with fingers being pointed, and holes in the narrative being filled with absurd over the top conclusions. There was an outcry in how the DPC was handled by Valve, and the community wanted Valve to step in. Naturally, they didn’t, but if changes were to be made, they would be made at the start of the next DPC season.

The reason this was such a big story among DotA fans, was because every single DotA 2 player at home was represented by Gunnar. Gunnar was the young north American star ready to take on the world. Coming from humble beginnings, just streaming his DotA 2 game play on Twitch, then being noticed by the legendary Eternal Envy. His dream came true, and it showed that anyone else’s dream of being a DotA 2 pro could come true. But obviously, it didn’t really work out very well for Gunnar in the end.

The real kicker of the whole ordeal

Hearts were broken after the news that Gunnar and Newsham got kicked, but hearts were shattered, when Gunnar brought to light that his parents booked tickets to Paris to watch him play. Suddenly, Gunnar was just a kid who played DotA 2. He had his own dreams and aspirations, and he wanted to share them with his parents. This is why this story really hits close to home for a lot of fans. Envy is the manifestation of a man with complete control over you. Like that teacher at school no one likes, or your boss that sets unreasonable tasks for you to finish. And you; Gunnar, trying to break free and set your own goals and narratives.

In conclusion… sort of

If anyone is looking for a conclusion to this story, there really isn’t one. Eternal envy will continue to play at the Paris major, and Gunnar is still LFT (looking for team). Many would assume that Gunnar is resentful, but he really isn’t, as shown by this tweet.  But one thing is for certain, Gunnar will continue to make waves in the DotA 2 scene. He has consistently been a top performer and has proved that in such an emotional situation like this, he’s able to keep a cool head, and make the most out of it. It’s safe to say that many of the top pro teams have Gunnar on their radar, and many DotA 2 fans are looking forward to seeing what’s next for the wonder kid. The future looks bright for him.

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