OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019 Playoffs – First Day Analysis

It was a rather quick and unexpected day for all Dota 2 fans.Nobody can knew for sure who was going to win in the Dota PIT Minor Playoffs. Let`s take a quick look at first day of playoffs.

Royal Never Give Up vs Forward Gaming 

Dota PIT Minor playoffs is not right place to try new stratgies and step back from the mission. Giving how unforgiving Dota 2 esports can be, teams need to be on top of their game. Perhaps, this is why love watching the playoffs.  A team which loses, goes to the lower bracket facing the cruel and ruthless reality of Dota PIT Minor  BO1 format.

The harsh reality was experienced with Forward Gaming, who were beaten down and fell to the bottom of a group B. Therefore, no other team was expecting much from them. They were going to face the favorites of the tournament who were 3-0 score in the group A. What chances did Forward Gaming have? Well, as it turns out, they had a lot of tricks under their sleeves.

FWG opened their drafts with Oracle, signature Dark Seer, Tiny, Chaos Knight and favorite midlaner of the tournament, Templar Assassin. While their opponents, RNG, picked Night Stalker, Disruptor, Pangolier, Storm Spirit and Morphling. All in all, the game was  subtle with every core hero gradually buying all the necessary items. Unfortunately, RNG lost several crucial team fights and were unable to come back into the game due to overfarmed CK and TA.

Royal Never Give Up vs Forward Gaming. Game 2

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when you do not know what to expect from your opponent. RNG had a chance to show they belonged in the tournament,unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. FWG pulled an outstanding victory against RNG. Royal Never Give Up opened with a standard and decisive pick in face of Medusa and Vengeful Spirit, topping it all off with Disruptor, Tiny, Lifestealer. Forward Gaming answered with fat and stable pick of long-forgotten Terrorblade, Nyx, Oracle, Centaur and Kunkka.

As we could see, greedy cores in face of Medusa and Lifestealer did not work out well for RNG. Shortage of damage and control due to Kunkka`s Ghostship and imbedded strength of Centaur showed up in every team fight. Forward Gaming advanced to the second round of the Upper Bracket Dota PIT Minor where they faced Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Majestic Esports

When you have hundreds of games under your belt, and huge experience in crucial situations, you’d better put all your cards on the table when need be. Especially at the Dota PIT Minor playoffs, where stakes are really high. That is exactly what legendary ppd did. With perfectly balanced drafts and all the moves along the game, they managed to decimate their opponents. Radiance on Spectre at 21 minute. This was a telltale sign for the Asian team, and they lost a game seven minutes after that.

Being overpicked in the second game, Majestic didn’t stand a chance to win. It was solo game for Medusa and Timbersaw against four strength heroes on the other side. The Asian roster moved to the lower bracket where they will face the favorites from the group A, Royal Never Give Up.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Forward Gaming

The clash in the second round of the Dota PIT Minor Upper Bracket was pretty one-sided for Nynjas in Pyjamas. Peter Dagger’s strategic abilities  proved beneficial once again . With versatile heroes like Drow Ranger, Lion, Nature Prophet, Tidehunter and Templar Assassin they wiped off their opponents from the map in 20 minutes.

Who could ever guess that fully-set Anti Mage can destroy your racks in 30 minutes? That is exactly what happened in the second game of the match. Forward Gaming did not do what they were suppose to do. Nature Prophet, Brewmaster and Shadow Shaman backed the Antimage.  Ace bought all the  key items just in timing and managed to secure a confident victory for his team.  Thus, NiP hitting the third place with two flawless 2-0 victories along the way.

Second day of the Dota PIT Minor Playoffs is starting off tomorrow. We will see two matches: Alliance against Gambit and  BOOM ID against EHOME.  You can watch the official broadcast here. Stay tuned!

Source: http://www.dotapit.com/schedule/

OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019 Bracket Day 4
Soucre: dotapit

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