MDL Disneyland Paris Major: Second Round Loser Bracket [Recap]

MDL Disneyland Paris Major Second Round Loser Bracket [Recap]

The second round of the loser bracket is successfully accomplished. In pretty much one-sided matches, four teams have left MDL Disneyland Paris Major. As it was expected, the favorites prevailed and tomorrow we will see more matches in the Upper Bracket.

PSG.LGD vs compLexity

The opening match between PSG.LGD and compLexity wasn’t as action packed as everyone was hoping for. PSG.LGD confidently knocked down their opponents with Terrorblade and Pugna securing the first map. In the second map, complexity tried to steal LGD’s strategies opening their drafts with Doom, Morphling, and Grimstroke. Unfortunately, it did not go well for compLexity and they suffered another suffocating defeat. Though the game was not keen on action, LGD did surprise everyone with Faceless Void on the last pick which was fun to watch. LGD secured a 2-0 victory as well as their place at The International.

Virtus.Pro vs Mineski

Having lost to OG in the Upper Bracket, VP faced off Mineski in the BO3 format. In a recent interview, RAMZES666 mentioned that Terrorblade is one of his most favorite heroes in matchmaking. Unfortunately, Mineski did not take that into account. They decided to go their own way. Relying strictly on strategy around Drow Ranger and her Precision Aura, they forgot that their pick lacked some stuns. The Russian bears kept surprising their fans with flexible drafts. No[o]ne on middle Ancient Apparition completely countered  Morphling from Mineski.

It was another blast game for Virtus.Pro in the second match. They had some fun with RAMZESS on mid Naga Siren. Mineski, in their turn, learned from their mistakes in the first game and completely changed their drafts. Nevertheless, with unblemished fights and impeccable team play, Virtus.Pro managed to pull out another victory. They are advancing to the third round of the lower bracket facing PSG.LGD. Only time would tell if they’ll be able to repeat their deed at the DreamLeague Season 11. Back then, Virtus.Pro made it all the way through the lower bracket to the finals, losing to VG with 3-2 score.

Team Liquid vs paiN Gaming

This matchup was the most intense and unpredictable match of the day. The Brazilian team was in last place of their group without a single win. In the first round of the lower bracket they did manage to take down Chaos. In this particular match-up, they were definitely the underdogs against Team Liquid. paiN Gaming went to extremes, showing their two heavy cores, Drow Ranger and Medusa. They almost paid for such a move. PaiN opted for Antimage and Doom as a counter for Medusa.

They pressured their opponents most of the game, but one unfortunate team flipped the course of the match. Once you lose a team fight against Drow Ranger and Medusa, there’s no going back, you either lose a lane or the Ancient. That’s exactly what happened to PaiN Gaming.

Team Liquid made it to the top 8 and will face off against Vici Gaming. PaiN waved goodbye to MDL Disneyland Paris Major.

Chinese derby — Vici vs Keen

It was supposed to be an equal 60 min Chinese skirmish with an epic team fight and plot twists. Yet, Keen Gaming did not surprise anyone with their lackluster performance. They’ve made too many mistakes, starting from the drafts to the laning stage and team fights. Simply, Vici Gaming won every single lane, farmed all the necessary items and finished the game.

Monkey King from Vici did not give a single chance to exploit Underlord’s potential. Sniper had a casual mid lane versus Razor, and Sand King made sure to subside the farm of Spectre.

History repeated itself in the second game, where Vici destroyed Drow Ranger on the safe lane with Centaur and Shadow Shaman. With push potential and perfect team fighting, they dictated the pace of the game gradually taking what was needed, and Vici Gaming walked away with a 2-0 win.

Paris Major Upper Bracket matches start tomorrow. We are going to see promising games between OG and Secret, EG and NiP. Stay tuned for updates at the MDL.

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