MDL Disneyland Paris Major Group A Results

MDL Disneyland Paris Major Group A Results
Source: @virtuspro

The MDL Disneyland Paris Major is operating in full force. The tournament showcasing some high level competition between all the teams across the groups.  Group A is no exception. With at least three tier 1 teams in the group; Virtus. Pro, Team Liquid, and Keen Gaming, the  matches were going to be fierce.

Liquid vs Keen Gaming

The ESL One Mumbai 2019 champions confidently swept up the first game in the BO3 series at MDL Disneyland versus Team Liquid. With an imbalanced Drow Ranger backing up Medusa and Shadow Shaman’s push potential, they managed to take their opponents down in less then an hour. Keen Gaming tried to hold on to the same strategy in a bid to end the series smoothly. Nevertheless, the lane stage didn’t really go well for them, and Team Liquid struck back with Morphling and Druid. Miracle on Antimage did not bode well for any professional team out there. And once you give Team Liquid space, they will exterminate everything that moves. Well, that’s exactly what TL did. With BattleFury and Yasha on 17 minute, Keen could not regain their footing and conceded to Team Liquid.

Virtus.Pro vs beastcoast

From what we have seen so far at MDL Disneyland, Virtus.Pro are more than prepared for the MDL Disneyland. Their vast hero pool and dynamic team play went above and beyond. The Russian bears decided to remind everyone that history repeats itself. Signature and long-forgotten Terrorblade for RAMZES666 proved that Drow Ranger is not the only OP hero in this meta. All set, Terrorblade destroyed two lanes in just 27 minutes. Envy and co didn’t really want to give up that easily. They stuck to their guns and in tiresome match against Broodmother with two powerful front laners; Enigma and Tidehunter, managed to pull out a victory.

Virtus.Pro were not going to fall with another free farming Drow Ranger in the third game. They sent Doom and Enigma to the bottom lane to reap all the benefits and hush up Drow Ranger. Despite their efforts, beastcoast kept their wits and found some loopholes on the top lane pressuring Troll Warlord. For a moment, it seemed that beastcoast got the game in the pocket. Unfortunately, their inexperience and lack of team play were apparent to the naked eye.  They could not go any further with their advantage. Virtus.Pro clamped down their belts and won the team fight in the right place at the right time, forging ahead to the Winners Bracket against Team Liquid.

Liquid vs Virus. Pro

Everyone has been waiting for this match-up at MDL Disneyland Group A. Two favorites of the tournament faced each other in the Winners Match of the Group A. Virtus.Pro showed their flexibility in terms of drafts and strategy once again. They opted for Lone Druid on the mid lane and safe lane Morphling topping it all off with Phoenix, Sand King, and Witch Doctor. Liquid also recalled old-school strategies from 2013. They relied on Infest bomb with Lifestealer and Puck. In the highly-strung 60 min game with epic fights and come backs, Virtus.Pro managed to take the map.

The second game was pretty even, especially its early stage. Both teams showed action packed gameplay with fruitful team fights. Nevertheless, Noone on Storm Spirit proved once again why is he considered to be one of the best mid players in the world. Arc Warden from Miracle could not save the day for Team Liquid. 2-0 for Virtus. Pro.

Final Results Group A

Here are final results of the Group A at MDL Disneyland:

  • Virtus. Pro (4-1)
  • Team Liquid (2-3)
  • beastcoast (1-2)
  • Keen Gaming (1-2)

More games to come tomorrow. There will be a Losers Match between Keen Gaming and bc, as well as a Decider Match between Team Liquid and winner of the Losers Match. You can check all the results and live broadcast here. Stay tuned for all of the Dota 2!

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