Lower Bracket OGA Dota PIT Minor Recap

Lower Bracket OGA Dota PIT Minor Recap

April 27, Lower Bracket at OGA Dota Pit 2019. Gambit, Majestic, FWG, RNG, BOOM ID eliminated. EHOME made it to the top 3.

Lower Bracket OGA Dota PIT Minor — Recap

Here’s the details of the Lower Bracket competition at the OGA Dota Pit 2019. Matches between RNG, Majestic, Gambit, Ehome, Boom ID, and Foward Gaming took place.

RNG vs Majestic

This tournament continues to be full of surprises. Favorites of a Group A, Royal Never Give Up, faced newly-minted South American team Majestic in the Lower Bracket. RNG made a bid for the Ursa’s burst potential and Dark Seer’s combo, but it still wasn’t enough. Majestic’s greedy and fat heroes didn’t leave a single chance for RNG. They farmed all the needed items and simply finished the game relying on Centaur’s Stampede and Sven’s Warcry. In the end of the match, Majestic eliminated the favorites from the tournament, RNG.

Gambit vs EHOME

Another spectacular game from Xio8 and company at Lower Bracket OGA. They picked safe supports like Earth Shaker and Dazzle  to secure the Draw Ranger. Gambit took an advantage at the early stage and it all looked like the game was theirs. Troll Warlord with Templar Assassin were gradually gaining their strength until one vigorous team fight changed the course of the match. Gambit used smoke on EHOME wards and rushed to pick off some heroes. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out well for them. EHOME spread a lot and lost the team fight near the enemy shrine. It gave time and space for EHOME to reinforce. Draw Ranger gained critical mass wiping out Gambit heroes in all the following fights. The CIS roster exits the tournament without a single win in all the matches.

BOOM ID vs Majestic

Two underdogs faced each other in the Lower Bracket OGA. It was rather one-sided and convincing victory for the South American team. Majestic opted for their Templar Assassin with 100% win rate and position one Phantom Lancer. Early in the game went smoothly for the SA team. Earth Spirit’s gank potential enabled him to kill mid lane Outworld Devour twice. His lack of items and experience was showing up in every team fight throughout the game. With timing Desolator at twelve minute on TA, Majestic managed to secure some kills and take roshan at fifteen minute. BOOM ID tried to pick off some supports on the map but still lost their top lane at 27 minute. “gg” was called three minutes after. Unfortunately, the Asian team was eliminated from the tournament with 5th/6th place.

Forward Gaming vs EHOME

Nobody knew for sure what to expect from this particular match-up. Both teams showed rather mediocre performances at the tournament. In the final match of the group stage, we would witness an even game with never-ending team fights between these two teams. That’s exactly what happened in the knockout game at the Lower Bracket of OGA. There were points between Forward Gaming and EHOME where the fights seemed like nobody was going to die. At a certain point, all core heroes on the map shared the same NET worth. With fed Underlord and Aghanim’s Scepter on Nyx Assassin, EHOME killed four enemy heroes destroying mid racks straight after that. At the 41 minute mark, it was another perfect team fight for EHOME and they marked a decisive end destroying the Ancient.

Majestic vs EHOME

It seemed like the Chinese players have finally found their play style. EHOME and their signature Draw Ranger showed no mercy so far. They were definitely making it to the top 3. It can be said for sure that they were dominating every single minute throughout the match against Majestic. Laning stage was an absolute disaster for Majestic. EHOME dominated every single lane. Perfectly combined heroes enabled them to wipe their opponents in just half an hour.

All in all, it was a great tournament for a newly-fangled South American team. They made it to the top 4. Top 3 is guaranteed for EHOME. Lower Bracket OGA is accomplished. The Grand Final is at the doorstep. Stay tuned and find out who’s going to be the OGA Dota Pit 2019 Minor champion.

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