LGD in limbo with yet another roster swap

LGD esports in limbo with yet another roster swap
  • Ahjit had massive shoes to fill, as Ame is considered to be one of the greatest carry players in China. Fans were rightfully skeptical, as Ahjit’s recent performances were rather lackluster. LGD clearly were not happy with how things were going, so they pulled the trigger and kicked their newly acquired star just a few days after his inception.
The First Roster Swap

Less than a week ago, LGD brought in the Malaysian superstar Ahjit from CDEC in exchange for their legendary carry player, Ame. It’s not very clear as to why LGD felt the need to make this swap, as LGD has had solid performances throughout the years. Unfortunately, the roster was always inches away from gold, which is likely the justification for this change. The irony of the situation is that fans felt that LGD got the short end of the stick. Ahjit, although a promising young talent, has had a shaky career so far. Besides a few notable first place finishes in 2018, he has struggled to even qualify for any tournament since then. Some would attribute this to his difficulty in finding a stable team, but others weren’t ready to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Amidst the skepticism, Ahjit had massive shoes to fill. Ame is considered to be one of the greatest and most stable carry players of all time. His playstyle was very complementary to his mid player, Somnus, who is more flashy. Moreover, Ame has had decent success with LGD in the last few years. Most notably was a 2nd place finish at TI8, 1st place finishes at MDL Shangsha and Epicenter XL 2018, and a few other top 4 finishes in 2019. Despite that, the team is likely kicking themselves for being just inches away from a first-place finish. Ame is set to continue playing for CDEC as of the writing of this report.

Ahjit Benched, ASD to Take The Ropes

Just hours ago, LGD made a blog post on their Weibo stating that they have kicked Ahjit effective immediately for ASD. ASD is a more decorated counterpart to Ahjit, as he’s had some success in his run with Ehome in 2018. He sports a handful of first-place finishes in 2018, with a few mediocre finishings in the last few tournaments last year. This last swap makes more sense for the Org, as ASD is widely considered to be of a higher caliber than Ahjit.

In their blog post, LGD expressed that the team had difficulty meshing with their new player, stating “During their practice over the past few days, Ahjit’s synergy with the team and execution were not up to par and has been temporarily benched. He will be replaced by ASD.“(translation courtesy of u/ehzx). It’s not wholly clear what happened behind the scenes, but this was a surprise to many to say the least, even considering Ahjit’s history. Hopefully, LGD will be satisfied with what ASD will bring to the table in the meantime.

Noteworthy Fallout of ASD with Ehome

ASD has been the subject of some controversy years ago. During his magical season with Ehome in 2018, the team had a dramatic falling out. In short, ASD’d teammate eGo reportedly “ran away during the night” as the pressure of being a professional Dota player was weighing down on him. An Ehome executive later made the decision to kick ASD due to his toxic behavior. Since his kick, ASD has continued playing on loan under Team Sirius, with even more lackluster success, despite being able to qualify for a handful of tournaments. After which he has achieved a 2nd place finish at WESG China under Revive, and following that, a failed group stage and qualifier.

As for Ahjit, it’s not completely clear what will happen to him for the season. Despite his lackluster success, he is still a very young and promising player who just needs some quality Lan experience to get his momentum going again. He will continue to be signed by LGD until further notice.

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