Bucharest Minor 2019 – Everything You Need to Know

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Unexpected! One word to describe the entire Bucharest Minor 2019. From the weirdest ending in the history of Dota to the unexpected fall of the Giants, Bucharest Minor 2019 serves top-tier entertainment for every Dota 2 enthusiast.

Golden Ticket to the Major

With the new season of 2019 just started, the first tournament of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit starts with the Bucharest Minor 2019. There are eight teams participating. OG, The International 2018 winners, and Ninjas in Pyjamas are representing Europe.

TEAM TEAM, recently founded in September of 2018, are the only North American team in the event. Playmakers Esports are representing South America. Gambit Esports 2-0’d Winstrike to claim the spot for the CIS qualifiers. In Southeast Asia, BOOM ID narrowly beat Clutch Gamers for the spot in the minor. Finally, from China, are the last two teams, Keen Gaming and EHOME.

The prize pool for the entire tournament is a hefty $300,000 USD and 500 Pro Circuit points. However, the main reward all the teams are trying to vie for is the opportunity to qualify to The Chongqing Major in China where they will have a chance to play against the likes of Team Liquid, Team Secret, and Vici Gaming.

Match Recap During the Group Phase

As we head into the final day of the Bucharest Minor 2019, let us look back at everything that transpired at the second tournament of the year.

In the group stages, we saw EHOME demolish any and all opposition, steamrolling to the top. The Chinese team has yet to lose a single game and many consider them the most likely victor. Unfortunately, EHOME has been jinxed before, but maybe this time they will break the curse and win a spot for the Chongqing Major.

On the other hand, it seems like OG has had a rough time against NiP. Last TI winners, OG, are struggling ever since the change in the roster, most likely due to the lack of consistent team play. Let’s hope N0tail picks up the pace.

The Peruvian team Playmakers Esports didn’t win any games. This put into question whether they should have been there at all.

The Biggest Throw in History

BOOM ID, a little-known team outside of Indonesia, made big news with what people are calling “the biggest throw in history”. The team surrendered at the worst possible moment for them, resulting in a loss that set them on a path to dropping out.

BOOM ID was facing TEAM TEAM, in an almost 50 minute game, where the Indonesians were defending their ancient, while their own creeps were just moments away from winning them the game.

Both teams weren’t paying attention, since at the loss of their carry BOOM ID called ‘gg’ and left the game. Ironically at the same time, the dire ancient exploded, but the analysts were final – the moment you call ‘gg’ you lose.

Russian Domination

Meanwhile, in group A, things were much more dynamic.

Gambit Esports Dota 2 Bucharest Final Pro League Gaming
Image source: Gambit Esports

Gambit Esports, a very recent team, became a dark horse the moment they beat Keen Gaming. The Russian team showed good plays when faced with TEAMTEAM, whom they beat too.

Today they are up against KG again, much to their surprise. This rag-tag group of players might pull a fast one on all of us and snatch the win.

Now, it looked quite bad for Keen Gaming, the well known Chinese team, that lost to newcomers GE. In a very dramatic turn of events, KG clawed its way out the lower bracket for a second chance at the Russians. Perhaps dark, the team captain, will continue his victory spree and gain that important spot on the Chongqing Major.

The Fall of the Giants

Also unexpected was NiP’s poor performance. The team that many would bet their money on, has shown lackluster plays. The biggest obstacle for the team proved to be none other than KG. Both times, ppd’s team, lost decidedly to the Chinese. It seems like Keen Gaming had their number and didn’t let the Swedes have a single match.

Last, but not least we get to TEAMTEAM. The Americans tried their best, but it seems like they need to work on almost everything: from team compilation to combos and targeting. Despite the team captain’s, ixmike88, many boasts TT, has yet to place in any major tournament. The team lost against all it’s opponents, but for the infamous BOOM ID incident. One might wonder whether if the Indonesians had persevered, would the match ended otherwise. So far Bucharest Minor 2019 has been a great show of skills and tactics. The casters have had a few great moments to remember. Hopefully, in the bracket finals, Gambit and Keen Gaming will give us a fight that we can all enjoy.

Meanwhile, EHOME will be waiting at the Grand Finals, ready and waiting, to destroy the last obstacle to the Chongqing Major. Whether its the Russians or the Chinese, they will have to give their best if they want to stand a chance against the so far undefeated EHOME.

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