Here Are S1mple’s PC Settings When He Plays CS:GO

s1mple CSGO Counter Strike Settings PC Gaming Options Revealed Esports
Image courtesy of Twitch.Tv
  • You want to play like s1mple? He revealed his CS:GO settings and we were there to see it on the big screen.

NaVi S1mple CS:GO Settings

Do you want to play like a pro? Are you interested in settings CS:GO professionals use? Well fortunately for you one of the best CS:GO players revealed his game settings during a live stream which doesn’t every day. S1mple is known as good AWPer but he can also play a Rifler. It seems that the Ukrainian player wisely prefers performance rather than high-quality texture and graphics.

We can see that his Video settings are all set on Low, and Global Shadow Quality is even set on Very Low. The most suitable resolution for S1mple is evidently 1280×960. FXAA Anti-Aliasing and Motion Blur are disabled, but Multicolor Rendering is enabled. Interesting to say the least. Below are screenshots of s1mple’s game settings:

Another interesting note is that s1mple’s Max Acceptable Game Traffic Bandwidth is extremely restricted. We can naturally conclude that professionals put performances and smooth gameplay in the first place. It is easy to understand that; the last thing you want to happen to you while playing CS:GO is the lag issue. You should know that CS:GO wasn’t made to be fancy and shiny. The game developers emphasized realistic physics and gameplay, not graphics and best CS:GO players know that.  If you want to know precisely what “equipment” s1mple use, here it is.

  1. His mouse has 1236 Effective DPI and 400 standard DPI.
  2. Mouse sensitivity in a game is set on 3.09. 
  3. Polling rate is fixed on 1000 Hz.
  4. His monitor has a 240 Hz refresh rate.
  5. S1mple use crosshair with no outline and dot.
Here’s the clip showing his game settings:

S1mple’s Career

S1mple started playing CS:GO professionally in 2013. He finished 2014 as a member of HellRaisers. As a HellRaiser member, he won the 2nd place in a Major twice. In the first half of 2015, the Ukrainian played in FlipSid3 Tactics. He won one Major there and recorded decent results. At the end of 2015 s1mple changed several teams; Evolution and Worst Players.

S1mple then returned to HellRaisers and finished the year at FlipSid3 Tactics. At the beginning of 2016, s1mple joined TeamLiquid and won the 2nd place in ESL One: Cologne 2016. After the tournament, the famous Streamer moved to his current team Natus Vincere. He won almost all his titles in NaVi.

From the moment that s1mple joined Natus Vincere up to the present, the Ukrainian team won three Premiers and four Majors. They won many 2nd and 3rd-4th places as well. At the moment, Natus Vincere is the third team in the world, and s1mple is perhaps their best player.

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