YNk Fills in For FaZe Clan. Shows He Still Has His CS:GO Skills

YNk Shows Great Skills And Wins Two Clutches
Source: twitter.com/ynk

Although he retired from CS:GO a long time ago, Janko “YNk” Paunovic proved that he still has the magic touch. As NiKo didn’t get his Visa to compete in IEM Sydney, YNk had to play one more match as FaZe Clan’s In-game leader. In the match against NRG, YNk showed his amazing skills and won two clutches.

Weakened FaZe lost to NRG

Even though YNk showed great skills and won two clutches, it wasn’t enough to compensate for the absence of their best player, NiKo. Given that NiKo still hasn’t gotten his visa, YNk had to play as a stand-in for FaZe Clan one time.

The match between FaZe and NRG kicked off on NRG’s pick, Train. FaZe started the match in good fashion, clinching the opening six rounds on CT side. Nevertheless, NRG managed to consolidate themselves and bounced back. FaZe won the first half with a minimal lead (8-7), but it wasn’t a satisfying result for them considering that Train favors the CT side and it should have been a much bigger advantage.

NRG Esports IEM Sydney ESL
Source: IEM Twitter

However, they kicked off on T side in a good way as well. After six rounds, the result (12-9) favored FaZe Clan. Then, Tarik and CeRq stepped up and NRG took control over a wheel and started riding on momentum up to the end of the first map. They didn’t lose a single round. Hence, they concluded the match with a scoreline of 16-12.

YNk showed great skills but it wasn’t enough

Things then moved to FaZe’s pick (Mirage) and it should’ve been easier for them to play. But, NRG secured the second map as well and even dropped one round less. FaZe again won the first half with the same score, and NRG again dominated in the second half.

The highlight of the match, however, were some great plays by FaZe’s coach, YNk. When YNk was playing professionally, he didn’t have great results. He played for less known regional teams in Balkan and after few years of competing, he decided to hang up his mouse. Later, he became a CS:GO analyst and broadcaster, and then a coach for MiBR.

After six months with the Brazilian team, he moved to FaZe Clan to coach the European dream team. In the match against NRG, YNk showed great skills and pulled out two incredible post-plant clutches. The first time, he won 1v3 clutch on A site while defending planted bomb. Although tarik found the frag, he didn’t have a defuse kit or enough time, so YNk won that round.

The next round, he was approaching B site where NRG planted the bomb. Two Ts had a decent advantage, but YNk quickly equalized chances and eventually took down both NRG’s players. Of course, he had enough time to defuse the bomb and win the round. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough for FaZe to win the match. Now, they are going to face Grayhound in Lower Bracket.

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