Will s1mple Join FaZe?

s1mple Join FaZe esports counter strike CSGO Pro league
Image source: Valve

The young Ukrainian player, S1mple,  is the most wanted esports CS:GO player on the market. Recognized as one of the most feared players in CS:GO, will he leave Natus Vincere and join FaZe?

Will s1mple Join FaZe?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a team eSport, and results are mostly a consequence of good teamwork and cohesion. As mentioned about the worst team in esports history However, we saw a countless number of times that one player carried the team. Truly, one player cannot consistently win matches all by themselve, but can be there to help elevate the team in cornerstone matches. You can always count on these players to be clutch in key matches. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is definitely that kind of player. If not the best, he is one of the best young players in CS:GO at the moment. Humble and fun to watch while he’s streaming, yt’s a common opinion that he is perhaps one of the best and entertaining players ever to have played the game. Consequently, many elite teams are interested in the young NaVi’s player.

Natus Vincere’s Captain has his opinion

Zeus (Natus Vincere captain) said that there is a real possibility that s1mple will leave the Ukrainian team next year. Many names are mentioned as potential for s1mple’s future team. MiBR and Cloud9 are just some of the names. Alongside these two, FaZe is also interested in s1mple. Fans started suspecting that the 21-year old Ukrainian is going to join FaZe when the European team benched karrigan. However, it looks like s1mple isn’t interested in joining FaZe at the moment. During one of his streams, he clearly stated he will not join FaZe. Therefore, the list of possible s1mple’s future team is cut down by one.

s1mple esports csgo counter strike photo bomb interview ESL
Image source: Faceit Major 2018
In the meantime, s1mple continuous streaming and relaxing

The very hard and tiring 2018 esports season is behind CS:GO players, and they can finally get some time to rest. It appears that the best rest for CS:GO players is playing CS:GO without pressure. Therefore, s1mple spending his spare time streaming CS:GO on Twitch, playing Danger Zone.

If you select CS:GO clips on Twitch, 9 out 10 clips are about s1mple’s incredible plays and moves. This time, he played on Inferno as Terrorist and was last one from Terrorist side. Instead of trying to stay alive and save some money (what he would most likely do in a competitive match), he decided to go to A bombsite and try to plant a bomb. And he has done it in a spectacular way by killing all remaining CTs. So he won a clutch 1 vs 4 which anyone who plays CS:GO will tell you that it’s not exactly an easy thing to do.

Here’s the click of that play:

However, Danger Zone is not s1mple’s expertise, considering pashaBiceps won 1 vs 1 duel against him. It seems like pasha really enjoys his retirement, and as he said he will definitely stay in eSports. The young Ukrainian hasn’t been dominating the Battle Royale scene like many would have thought. Although s1mple is defined by Battle Royale games, he will most likely chang his style of play and adapt to the new Counter Strike game mode, thus making this esports star feared in the Battle Royale scene.

Here’s a clip of the 1 vs 1 of s1mple and Pasha:

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