Who are the Future Top Teams in CS:GO? [Brief analysis]

Who are Future Top Teams in CSGO Brief analysis

ESL gathered some of the participants of IEM Katowice Legends Stage and asked them their opinion about the Future Top Teams in CS:GO. Answers were different, but players repeated some names a few times. See a brief analysis of potential future Future Top Teams in CS:GO.

Who are the Future Top Teams in CS:GO? [Brief analysis]

CS:GO professionals had different opinions on the subject, however, a few names kept being repeating throughout the league. jks from Renegades thinks that ViCi Gaming and Grayhound surprised many CS:GO fans, and they can be upcoming teams to look out for. G2’s captain, shox and fitch from AVANGAR said that one of the future Top Teams in CS:GO could be FURIA. In addition to that, shox mentioned that ENCE is one of the upcoming teams that others should keep eye on.

AWPer of Ninjas in Pyjamas, f0rest shares same thought with shox, although it is questionable if ENCE is an upcoming team. Ethan from NRG and ENCE’s player, AleksiB states that Team Vitality is definitely one of the Future Top Teams in CS:GO. Interestingly, they both emphasize ZywOo as one of the reasons for Team Vitality’s good results recently. apEX mentions Renegades, considering they did a pretty good job at the start of 2019. However, apEX thinks that we should see them against the best teams first, and only then speak about them as a Future Top Teams in CS:GO.

ViCi Gaming

Both ViCi Gaming and Grayhound are relatively new in the CS:GO Esports world. Their CS:GO teams were founded in the middle of 2017. Therefore, they’ve been around for nearly two years. Accordingly, they still haven’t recorded any huge result. However, they both are doing pretty well. ViCi Gaming won 10 Minors since their foundation, and they finished last year in a very nice way, getting to the main event at ESL Pro League Season. Unfortunately, they had some tough opponents in the first rounds, so they could get any further than the first round.

This year, they managed to get through 3rd Place Play-In event to Katowice. That is their third Premier event they took part in. Plus, they got so close to reaching Legends Stage, scalping some big names. But they also were a bit unlucky to reach their goal. They have some good players and a good mix of talent and experience. They didn’t have any big roster moves since September last year. Hence, if they manage to keep the same team, we can expect only better performance and results.


Almost everything said about ViCi applies to Grayhound. Truly, they won double fewer Minors than ViCi, but they had some other good showings. For example, they won second place at CS:GO Asia Summit last year, as well as the 3rd-4th place at ESEA Season 29: Global Challenge. Also, they performed better at Katowice Asia Minor than ViCi, considering they qualified for Katowice directly.

Grayhound Esports Future Top Teams in CS:GO
source: Grayhound Twitter

Grayhound participated at IEM XIII Sydney, ESL Pro League S7, as well as DH Masters Stockholm 2018 last year. At all these events, Grayhound didn’t do much. It wasn’t easy to get there. Same as ViCi, they didn’t change their squad since October last year. And that’s a big bonus for them. Nevertheless, ViCi’s showing at Katowice this year is much more promising than Grayhound’s. So, we have to wait to see who has more chance to become one of the a future Top Teams in CS:GO.


FURIA is another team who has been founded lately. They stepped in CS:GO Esports in August 2017. Since then, they mostly played regional Minor events, as well as Monthly League tournaments. Regardless of appearing only in insignificant competitions, they had so much success there. They won seven tournaments of that kind. Also, they reached the last step so many times but failed to clinch a title.

Furia Esports Future Top Teams in CS:GO
source: FURIA Twitter account

FURIA is proof of Esports development in Brazil. Each day, Brazilians get better and better in Esports, and CS:GO is not an exception. After failing to reach the main event of ECS Season 6, FACEIT London, EPICENTER 2018, and a couple of other big competitions, FURIA finally got to the offline event of some Premier event. Unfortunately for them, their journey in Katowice wasn’t so fruitful. The only team they managed to beat was Team Spirit who dropped out with zero victories.

FURIA has a very young and promising team. Three members of their squad came to the main team fighting their way through FURIA Academy. Also, they have one very promising entry fragger, Yuurih who already played for some notable names such as INTZ. Their decision to move to Miami in June last year started to pay off. Plus, FURIA barely made one roster change since 5th of February 2018. So, how the time goes FURIA is going to be closer to Top Tier, and we can consider them to be one of the Future Top Teams in CS:GO.

Team Vitality

Without a doubt, one of the biggest surprises of IEM Katowice is Team Vitality. Among all mentioned teams, Team Vitality is formed the last. Team Vitality created CS:GO team in October last year. So basically, they exist as a CS:GO team for about four months. However, the duration of their existence must not deceive us, given that they kicked off with some really big names in CS:GO world. The only difference between their original and present team is British player ALEX who joined them in December last year.

Team Vitality Esports Future Top Teams in CS:GO
source: Team Vitality Twitter

At the very beginning of Team Vitality, they formed a team from some big names like NBK-, apEX, Happy, and RpK. In addition to this great trio, Team Vitality signed a contract with young and talented ZywOo. Apparently, Happy left the team, and ALEX replaced him. This team was victorious at DH Open Atlanta 2018, as well as recent Minor event called “WePlay! Lock and Load“. At this moment, Team Vitality is just one win away from Champions Stage, and according to their performance so far, they absolutely deserve to be part of Champions Stage.

If Team Vitality manages to keep all these big stars on the team, they definitely can be one of the Future Top Teams in CS:GO. Moreover, it would be only a matter of time when they will become a Top Tier team. By the way, we will not discuss Renegades and ENCE eSports as they are around for relatively long time, though they are gradually establishing themselves as a Future Top Teams in CS:GO.

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