What does the CS:GO Esports Community Think About the New Update?

What does the CSGO Esports Community Think About the New Update
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The last major CS:GO update released by Valve caused many positive and negative reactions in the CS:GO esports community; pro players, commentators, and analysts. They all gave their thoughts on the new update via Twitter. Read what CS:GO community had to say about the new update.

AUG nerf is not really a nerf?

Wait what? Almost all members of the CS:GO esports community agreed that Valve didn’t really nerf the powerful AUG weapon. Considering that there will be more money in the game, $150 increase is almost negligible. Therefore, players will buy AUG even more often as it’s probably the best weapon in the game. Here is what JW said after his team, Fnatic defeated OpTic Gaming:

 “I can see it getting played even more than it is played now because you’re going to have more money, so I think it may have to be bumped up slightly, like maybe to $3,500, or maybe slow down the fire rate a bit.

Other than that, I think that it’s great that the game is developing and we’re getting new metas and situational guns and stuff like that.” (source: HLTV)

MiBR’s famous player, TACO shares almost the same opinion with JW. He said that he doesn’t like the idea of having a flash assist on the kill feed. In his opinion, that is just free info for the opponent’s team which has a negative effect on competition. TACO also think that price of AUG should be at least $3,500. However, he likes the other changes such as new M4A1-S, Shotguns and new economy system. The Brazilian player appreciates the fact that Valve is trying to develop and improve this game.

Did valve steal NEO’s idea?

Although these changes were suggested by the whole CS:GO esports community, NEO talked about a new economy system in particular. About three years ago, the former Virtus.pro player suggested some changes in terms of economy in the game. Truly, it wasn’t the completely same change that Valve made, but we can notice the same idea. NEO said that it took a while, but Valve finally did what CS:GO fans wanted.

What do other members of critical CS:GO community say?

FaZe Clan’s coach, Janko “YNk” Paunovic also appreciates Valve’s efforts to improve the game and make it more interesting. Nevertheless, he would prefer a smaller economy change. Furthermore, he thinks that teams should lose more of the “bonus money” after a round win (about $800). In addition to that, according to his words, AUG should cost about $3,600 or $3,700 and the opponent team shouldn’t see flash assist.

ENCE’s captain, Allu thinks that AUG nerf is not enough and that CS:GO didn’t need an economy change. However, he likes shotguns price adjustment.

One of the best players in the world, dev1ce generally likes the new update. He stated on his twitter account: “Dno if the AUG nerf is really a nerf, now you don’t get reset so you will have more money anyway. M4A1-S still shit and new economy systems are always fun!”.

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