What Changes Does The CS:GO Community Want to See in CS:GO?

What Changes Does CSGO Community Want to See in CSGO
  • We asked CS:GO fans at the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive subreddit what changes do they want to see in CS:GO. We got a number of suggestions and here are some of the most suggested changes that CS:GO community wants to see in the game.

A Perfectly Balanced Game

Among the numerous suggestions that we received from CS:GO players, only a few were connected to the gameplay itself. Truly, there was a couple of requests for weapon buffs and nerfs, but those were a minority. Moreover, many CS:GO fans actually said that the game is in the perfect state right now and there is no need to change anything particularly. So, we can see from this feedback that CS:GO is one of the most balanced esports games out there. There are no broken or overpowered weapons.

However, this hasn’t always been a case. Back in the day, certain weapons used to be so powerful that Valve just had to change them. The first that comes to our mind is surely the AWP. It almost behaved like a rifle in the hands of high-skilled players.

But, despite the good balance that we have in CS:GO, there are some things that fans have been begging Valve to change for a long time. Here are some changes that the CS:GO community wants to see in the game.

128-tick Servers

As we all know, Valve’s Matchmaking servers have 64 tick rate, which is two times less than FACEIT and ESEA servers. The difference between these two kinds of servers is actually big. Furthermore, all pro players prefer 128-tick servers rather than 64-tick ones. The main reason is that all official matches are played in 128-tick servers. Also, 128-tick servers are just better as they send us a more accurate image of what is going on in the game.

This is one of the changes that CS:GO community wanted to see in CS:GO since the early days of the game. At first glance, it’s so obvious and it’s strange why Valve hasn’t done it already. However, this change would bring some problems as well. Although 128 tick servers are better, they are pointless unless you have a good PC configuration and decent Internet connection. Additionally, you will not see a huge difference if you have 60 HZ monitors. Since the huge part of the CS:GO community doesn’t have the recommended configuration and monitors refresh rate, 128-tick servers are not an obviously good change.

But, the good thing is that CS:GO players can always play on FACEIT and ESEA servers if they feel like 64-tick servers are too bad for them.

Better Ranking System

Another change that the CS:GO community wants to see in the game is an improved ranking system. The ideas of how the current ranking system can be improved are many. To begin with, there could be some kind of ladder that we would climb on. Also, it would be great if Valve added some prizes that we would play for. At the moment, besides fancy ranking logos and names, we don’t get anything for ranking up. For example, on FACEIT, if we win certain positions at certain ladders (Daily, Weekly…), we receive FACEIT Points that we can use to buy skins.

Better Ranking System Needed in CSGO

Therefore, it would be great if Valve did something similar. Maybe free keys for opening containers would do the job.

Also, CS:GO fans would love to see how the ranking system exactly works and they would like to see their ELO. Again, this has its upsides and downs. The upside is that we would know if we were closer to de-ranking or ranking up. On the other hand, if ELO was visible to us, it would help to boost websites to figure out the most effective way to sell their services.

Clan Matchmaking and Inclusion of Language

Another cool feature that we all would like to see is clan matchmaking. On our Reddit post, CS:GO players suggested that it would be amazing if we had an option of Clan 5v5 Matchmaking where we would be able to play tournaments, check opposite teams’ match history and so on. Basically, it would make us feel like we play pro matches since we would be able to have more structured games. Of course, there are so many things that can be added to additionally improve this feature.

Also, alongside Clan Matchmaking, we saw a suggestion to have preferred languages in the current Matchmaking system. This would require a lot of work from Valve’s side as they would have to figure out the best way to make the whole concept works. Also, there is a number of similar languages that can go together, so there are really so many things to include before this feature would be possible.

Clan Matchmaking and Inclusion of Language CSGO

But, the basic idea behind this feature is to match up the players who speak the same or similar language on the same team. Considering that communication is very important in CS:GO, this would drastically improve the experience of CS:GO players. There is really nothing more frustrating than when you have teammates who don’t speak either English or your native language.

Additionally, it would be excellent if there was an option to accept an invite while you are in Deathmatch or Casual. Since leaving any of these wouldn’t damage your “reputation”, it should be allowed to accept invites of your friends while you are in the game and to not leave it until the Competitive match is found for you.

More Invasive VAC

On FACEIT and ESEA servers, it’s harder to cheat since they use more invasive Anti-Cheat systems. Hence, legit players are not in a disadvantageous position because there are not as many cheaters out there. However, the same thing cannot be said about Valve’s servers. Valve’s Anti-Cheat is doing a decent job as it successfully catches blatant cheaters. However, it requires a lot of manual work (Overwatch). Plus, it’s hard to ban those who hide their cheats very well.

Since the very beginning, this has been one of the changes that CS:GO community wants to see in CS:GO the most.

Better Experience For New Players and Bans For Griefers and Smurfs

Regardless of how much we played CS: Source and CS 1.6, and regardless of how good players we used to be, we have to admit that we all had a more or less bad experience with CS:GO in the beginning. We needed a lot of time to adapt to new mechanics and we met so many cheaters or smurfs. Hence, it wasn’t so fun in the beginning. The part of the reason is that Valve didn’t do much about introducing the game to new players.

Yes, CS:GO has a tutorial like any other game, and you need to get to Level 2 before you start with Competetive Matchmaking. However, the tutorial is so basic and bad, and Level 2 is not enough to learn the basics of CS:GO as the game. On top of that, BOTs in Offline mods are poorly designed and they can’t prepare you for the real competition.

So, the CS:GO community suggested a couple of changes in CS:GO in order to better prepare new players for the game.

  1. To begin with, Valve urgently needs to do something about their tutorial. Maybe there should be multiple levels which would cover some basic tactics and basic ideas of how the game is supposed to be played out. Also, better BOTs and higher level required for Competitive wouldn’t hurt.
  2. Another important thing is to do something about griefers and smurfs in low ranks. Smurfing is maybe fun for smurfs, but it ruins the experience of new players a lot. Maybe there should be the maximum difference allowed between the highest and lowest rank you ever had. This way, we wouldn’t see Global Elite players in Silver and GN1 or GN2 anymore.

Better Replay System

Another thing that is a pain in the neck for all players who want to improve their game is poorly designed replay system. One of the best ways of improving your game is to watch your matches. But, the replay system in CS:GO doesn’t provide you with any valuable information or statistics. So, if you want to find out anything you need to use some third-party applications.

This is maybe not one of the changes that CS:GO community wants to see in CS:GO the most, but it’s still a very useful one. Seeing the number of traded kills or traded deaths, or heatmaps or anything else can help you understand your game better. It also helps you to see what you need to do better and what are you doing great.

Scrimmage Maps

CS:GO fans have been asking for Unranked Matchmaking for so long and we finally got it. However, the small disappointment is that we have only three maps. Some players suggest that all maps should be available in Scrimmage mode, and some of them suggest adding new and old maps such as Aztec, Tuscan, as well as well-thought maps such as de_subzero and de_santorini.

CSGO competitive and scrimmage maps


The downside of adding more maps to Scrimmage mode is longer waiting queues in Matchamking lobbies. Also, it would be good if Scrimmage mode was a separated tab so we don’t have select new maps again when we finish with Scrimmage mode.

The New Operation, Custom HUDs and Game Automatically Censoring Unwanted Words

Of course, this article couldn’t end without mentioning the new operation. Although it’s not really a change, that’s still something that CS:GO community wants to see. The last operation came out a long time ago, and we still wait for a new one. Apparently, Valve focused more on Danger Zone.

Also, CS:GO fans suggested adding custom HUDs to the game, which would be cool. Additionally, they think CS:GO should automatically censor toxic and racists words and comments just like it’s the case in League of Legends.

Gameplay Changes in CS:GO

Finally, we came to the part of the article that talks about changes that CS:GO community wants to see in CS:GO gameplay. However, there are not many of them.

First of all, CS:GO players want to have AUG and SG nerfed. Since Valve already nerfed AUG, we wait for SG nerf. At the moment, the only thing where AUG is better than SG is simpler spray. In all other aspects, SG beats AUG so dominantly.

Alongside AUG and SG nerfs, CS:GO players would also like to see dink animations removed as they can really mess up your aim. Because of those animations, you can easily miss your shots although you aimed perfectly.

Gameplay Changes in CSGO

Finally, the last suggestion that everyone agrees about is to additionally reward players with good aim and to additionally punish run-and-gun players. Although running and gunning makes your aim inaccurate, it still somehow works and it’s quite annoying. It makes sense with SMGs, but it actually works with Rifles too.

Another idea we saw required many significant changes in gameplay, but it was drastically downvoted, which tells us that CS:GO community is indeed satisfied with the gameplay. The idea was to add crawling and iron sights and hit indicators to the game. Of course, this completely messes up the concept of the current CS:GO gameplay. So, it doesn’t look like something that CS:GO community really wants to see.

More useful BOTs in Competetive

This is not what we saw among many suggestions, but we think this might be a good idea. As we all know, when a player leaves the game for some reason, Valve gives us the BOT to replace the player. Since you can control it when you die, it’s way better to have BOT than just playing 4v5. However, there are some ways to make BOTs even more useful.

For example, it would be great if we can tell the BOT to not buy or to buy instead of him. Also, Valve should make the BOT listen to us always and they should give us an option to take weapons from the BOT. Additionally, there are many other things they can do to make BOT even more useful.

This must not be available when the player leaves the game because his teammates kicked him. Simply, this will encourage players to kick their bottom fraggers which is not something we would like to see. Hence, it must be available only when the players leave the game alone.

Final Words

If you’re interested in reading more reactions from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive subreddit, please click here. A big thanks to the members of the subreddit for their valuable information as this article wouldn’t be possible without their insight. It also gives us a great insight of what we can expect in the future.

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