What Are The Best Settings For Exploring Maps And Finding New Nades? [CS:GO]

What Are The Best Settings For Exploring Maps And Finding New Nades [CSGO]

If you want to improve your game, you need to know how to set the best settings for exploring maps in CS:GO. In this article, we are going to show you what commands you should use and what’s the best way to explore maps, and how to find new nades, boosts and so on.

Why is exploring maps important and what you should look for?

If you want to improve your game in CS:GO, the most important thing you need to do is to practice your aim. The best way to practice your aim is to play as many Deathmatches as possible, and workshop maps with aim reaction features also can help. However, the aim is just one of many aspects of this game, and that’s why you improve other elements in your game as well.

You need to practice your movement, grenades, peeking, pre-firing and so on. The majority of these things can be practiced on different workshop maps. Also, you can find many videos about these things on YouTube. Anyhow, if you want to practice in a most effective way, you need to explore maps on your own first. You should look for nade line ups, boost spots, wallbangable walls, and other stuff.

The reason why you should explore maps on your own is that you will understand these things better, although it will require more time. Also, you will have a better feel for throwing grenades and shooting through walls. That’s why you need to know how to set the best settings for exploring maps in CS:GO.

The commands for the best settings

Before you input these commands into your console, make sure that you enabled developer console in your CS:GO settings. Afterward, open your console and input “map + name of the map you want to explore” (for example de_vertigo). Then input the following commands:

  • sv_cheats 1; – allows you to break default rules of the game and use other commands
  • mp_limitteams 0;  – this command disables check when it comes to the max number of players that one team can have over another
  • mp_autoteambalance 0; – allows unequal teams (this can be useful for finding boosts as well as for many other things)
  • mp_roundtime 60;
  • mp_roundtime_defuse 60; – 2 minutes are too short for exploring, these two commands will give you plenty of time to do whatever you want on the map
  • mp_maxmoney 60000;
  • mp_startmoney 60000;
  • mp_freezetime 0; – eliminates freeze time at the beginning of the round
  • mp_buytime 9999;
  • mp_buy_anywhere 1;
  • sv_infinite_ammo 2; -gives you infinite ammo, but you still need to reload the gun, if you set this to “0”, you don’t have to reload
  • ammo_grenade_limit_total 5;
  • bot_kick; – kicks all bots
  • mp_warmup_end;
  • mp_restartgame 1;
  • sv_grenade_trajectory 1; – shows trajectory of grenade
  • sv_grenade_trajectory_time 5000; – the bigger number means that trajectory will be visible longer
  • sv_showimpacts 1;
  • sv_showimpacts_time 10;

Other useful commands

  • “Alt” “noclip” – press Alt to freely fly around
  • god – turns god mod on (you cannot die)
  • bot_add – adds one bot
  • bot_place – places the bot at the point where you aim
  • bot_mimic 1 – bot mimics your actions
  • bot_show_battlefront 1 – shows the place where rushing players will meet
  • bot_zombie 1 – stops bots from attacking
How these commands can help you?

The purpose of these settings is to have the best possible environment for exploring maps. Two commands for teams is important for testing certain things on the map. For example, if you need a bot to boost you, you don’t have to bother yourself with adding bots on both sides. It’s enough to add one on your side.

Round time and money commands make the job for you much easier. You will have enough money to buy different weapons and grenades, so you don’t have to restart the game over and over again. Also, thanks to the “mp_buytime 9999” and “mp_buy_anywhere 1” you don’t have to always go to buy area to purchase wanted weapons.

Showing impacts and nade trajectory is essential. If you want to discover new nade line ups, you just have to be able to see the trajectory of nade. When you finally throw a grenade in the proper way, you can easily repeat it thanks to the trajectory that will stay there for some time. Impacts are important for finding “wallbangable” walls. Thanks to them, you will see when the bullet goes through the wall.

When it comes to bot commands, there is a variety of ways you can use them. You can use them to find nice boost spots, to see how much damage certain nades and wall shots deliver, to see how fast you can reach your opponents and so on. You can even make your own pre-shooting map. It’s not necessary to explain the usefulness of god mode and flying around the map.

How to find new nades?

Now when you know how to set the best settings for exploring maps in CS:GO, you need to know how to find new things on the map. Of course, one of the most asked questions is how to find new nades. Here are a few tips on that.

First of all, you need to be familiar with already known nades line ups. Apparently, if you want to discover something new, you have to know the old stuff very well. It would be really uncomfortable if you start bragging about how you found new nades and then you realize that those nades have already been there.

Once you learned the majority of line ups that pro players are using, you can do two things. Firstly, you can see which places pro players are trying to smoke off, moly, flash or bomb. Then, you can try to hit the same spots with grenades, but in a much better way. You can try to find better grenade trajectories or safer starting point from where you throw utility.

The second thing to do is to find completely new grenades including new throwing spots.

How to find line ups and throwing spots?

If you want to know how to find new nades, you first need to know how to find line ups and throwing spots. Firstly, you have to find a spot that you want to smoke off or moly. This requires exceptional game sense and experience. You need to know the game really well in order to figure out what is the purpose of utility and why you should throw particular nades in particular places.

CSGO Nade Settings for PC

Afterward, you need to find the best possible way to throw utility. You should always start with the easiest ways, and then try to get further and further from the spot where the nade needs to land. Notice that, in many cases, developers put certain things in certain places on purpose.  So, if you see some scratch or barrel or anything else that is oddly placed, that possibly means that developers put that thing there to make some crazy nade trajectories possible. Hence, open your eyes and look for “suspicious” spots on the map and see how you can use them.

How to find wallbangable walls?

The most obvious answer to this question is – shoot through walls. However, it’s not really practical to shoot through all walls on the map. You will lose so much time and nerves. Therefore, you need to narrow down your research.

First of all, you obviously should not try to shoot through thick walls. In most cases, you will get nothing, although sometimes even thick walls are wallbangable. That’s why you should look for thin walls and other textures that look like they are made of some soft materials. For example, wooden windows on Rialto and Mirage are wallbangable, as well as wooden doors on Dust 2.

Also, if you see some texture that oddly stands out of surroundings like they are not supposed to be there, try to wallbang it. Like grenades, developers are trying to point out wallbangable spots so they sometimes put odd textures in odd places.

If you also want to see how much damage you deliver through certain walls, and where your bullets land on the other side, you should use bots and impacts. Firstly, turn on impacts and see where your bullets land. Secondly, place the bot on that place behind the wall and try to shoot him in the stomach. Then see how much damage you delivered. You can compare that to default stats and see how big impact that wall has on your shots.

How to find new boosts?

Although it’s much better to look for new boost spots together with your friends, you can do it on your own with the best settings for exploring maps as well. However, it requires more patience and time, because it’s not always easy to control bots.

Again, before you start looking for new boost spots, you should learn the old ones. Afterward, find the place you would like to reach. It could be top of some box, vase or something like that. Also, the purpose of the boost can be access to the view over the wall. There are many of this kind of boosts on Overpass and Vertigo.

Then, all you need to do is to place a bot to boost you. Sometimes, he needs to crouch (use bot_crouch 1 command), and sometimes he needs to stand. Also, for some boosts, you will need more than one bot (like 4 men tower boost on Overpass).

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