WarOwl And fl0m About StarLadder Copyright Issues: “It’s unacceptable!”

WarOwl And fl0m About StarLadder Copyright Issues It's unacceptable!
  • Two famous CS:GO streamers, WarOwl and fl0m both reflected on problems caused by StarLadder’s strict rules about broadcasting the Major. Here, you can read about what WarOwl and fl0m said about StarLadder Copyright issues.

What’s The Problem

Whenever there is a CS:GO Major going on, CS:GO streamers use an opportunity to broadcast games through GOTV. For those that don’t know, GOTV is like a television channel that broadcasts CS:GO gameplay streams. Up till now, streamers didn’t have any problems with this. Simply, GOTV is part of the game made by Valve. It allows you to watch any game that is going on, while you are in CS:GO. Hence, if there is anyone who should be able to forbid streaming games using GOTV, then it’s Valve as you are using their product.

However, at StarLadder Major in Berlin, that’s not the case. According to rules of StarLadder Major in Berlin, no one has the right to broadcast games of Major including broadcasting while using only GOTV. This doesn’t make much sense and it’s questionable if an organization that doesn’t own CS:GO can forbid you to broadcast the game through GOTV that is part of CS:GO. However, it is how it is. As a result, some famous streamers like fl0m got briefly banned from Twitch. Others received an offer to keep broadcasting while featuring sponsors of StarLadder.

What do WarOwl and fl0m say about StarLadder copyright issues?

Apparently, the whole CS:GO community is disgusted by what happened to streamers like fl0m who received a ban. But, WarOwl and fl0m particularly don’t like what’s happening right now as it affects them the most. WarOwl said that it was a bad decision to give StarLadder a Major and he feels disappointed. According to his words, he eagerly waits for a Major for 6 months and then he is not allowed to make any content from it.

According to the message he received, he should feel free to use demos and povs to make content for his YouTube channel. But, that’s really not the same thing as streaming the live matches. There is no hype about results, and no real reason to watch such kind of content unless you want to hear post-match analysis.

On the other side, fl0m wasn’t happy that StarLadder asked him to promote their sponsors in order to be able to broadcast Major games. As he said, it wouldn’t be a good way to go because of his own sponsors. Simply, he is not okay with promoting sponsors of StarLadder. That’s why we will not see more Major broadcasts on fl0m’s channel.

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