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After such a poor performance this year in CS:GO esports for, they’ve decided to stop competing in the league. However, after much consolidation, a new Polish squad has been created. Furthermore, the squad is not totally new as you will soon find out.

What will the future bring to NEO?

Filip NEO Kubski has been playing Counter-Strike for 16 years. He is considered to be one of the greatest CS 1.6. players ever, but he can definitely be proud of his accomplishments in CS: GO. Moreover, NEO is one of the 20 highest earning CS:GO players at the moment. Moreover, Filip is 31 years old and that’s serious age for any eSport player. After’s decision about ceasing competition, all their players went inactive. Something that fans of thought they’d never witness.

But in any dark tunnel there has to be light at the end of it, and two players are back in the game. PashaBiceps retired from CS: GO, and morelz is still part of However, the Polish team chose to part way with their former leader. Does that mean the end of NEO’s professional career? At the moment we don’t know, but the probability of such a thing is very high considering NEO’s age. Moreover, NEO has done almost everything that any CS player can do in his career. NEO has claimed many prestigious titles that not any regular player can claim.

Snatcie and MICHU stay part of the line-up, morelz is on the bench

It appears snatchie and MICHU survived this purge in’s roster. Apparently, the Polish team is satisfied with the performances of these two players. However, the same cannot really be said for morelz. He is still part of the team, but he is not in the line-up. For now, he will have to wait for his chance from the bench, and it is possible that he might change clubs. Snatchie came into the team as a substitute for morelz on the 2nd August this year. MICHU joined in February this year as part of an exchange between two Polish teams – Team Kinguin and Previously, TaZ had left NEO and company and joined another Polish team. Both were lucky to remain in the active roster. CSGO Esports MICHU CSGO Esports MICHU – Image source:
Snax and byali rejoined their former team

Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski and Paweł “byali” Bieliński both were playing under logo since the beginning of 2014. Essentially the new roster isn’t exactly “new” in the sense of “new” players. However, both players were a victim of poor form and unfulfilled expectations. Byali stayed in Polish team a bit longer than Snax, but eventually both ended up on other teams. Snax joined mousesports and actually had a great time there. For just several months, Snax won ESL One: New York. As well, the European team did pretty well in other events. Furthermore, they did much better than the Poles, so should be happy because Snax is willing to get back in his old team. CSGO Esports Snax CSGO Esports Snax – Image source:

Snax should appreciate the fact that made him the player he is today, considering he spent almost his whole career there. On other hand, byali should be the one the happiest ones because of his return in such a club. After he got benched by he started playing for semi-professional teams in order to keep his skills sharp. Therefore, he didn’t play any significant tournaments in that period. Moreover, his team barely earned $10,000 for three months. So, byali should be glad that his former team wanted him back.

TOAO is an only real new player, kuben is staying coach

A good coach could be a crucial part of machine and kuben coached only He started working as the coach back in February 2015 and he had a lot of success as coach. Furthermore, he was affected by’s decision to cease competition. Obviously, board doesn’t think the problem is with the coach, so they chose to not change the man who was coaching their team in many successful tournaments. CSGO Esports TOAO CSGO Esports TOAO – Image source:

On other hand, we got basically one new player in who hadn’t been part of the Polish team at all. Mateusz “TOAO” Zawistowski is young talented, Polish CS:GO player. He started playing professionally in 2016 for INETKOXTV  and then moved to AGO Gaming. He came to from AGO Esports. As part of Polish teams, TOAO had pretty solid results. He won many Minors and regional tournaments, as well as Play2Live Cryptomasters($50,000). Bringing TOAO in the team is surely a good decision. General director about recent changes:

“It was a difficult, but calculated decision. We trust these young players who are, I hope, the future of our CS: GO team. I’m happy to welcome byali and Snax back to our roster: the guys are no strangers to winning titles under the banner of We also expect to see our brand new player TOAO to quickly adapt and to bring fresh ideas to the team.”

“The decision to keep Jakub as a coach has been completely mutual. We have ensured complete support to him. Even though he has received a profitable offer from another team, Jakub stays with us to guide the Polish CS: GO back where it belongs – at the international top.”(source:

It will be interesting to see which direction the team will go after the holidays.

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