TRUE WARRIOR: Dupreeh in Tears. “This one is for you, dad”

TRUE WARRIOR Dupreeh in Tears. This one is for you, dad Astralis
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As Michal Blicharz mentioned during the opening ceremony, two of the IEM Katowice participants lost one of their parents. One of those two players was a part of the winning team at IEM Katowice. Read what dupreeh said in a post-match interview.

Dupreeh: “I want to dedicate this trophy to my father”

Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen has been part of CS:GO Esports scene since CS:GO came out. He has been playing together with dev1ce and Xyp9x a long time before they together joined Astralis. Therefore, he has been a member of Astralis since its foundation. Dupreeh went through everything together with dev1ce, Xyp9x, and gla1ve, and eventually with Magisk.

He celebrated many titles together with his teammates but also went through some painful moments. Not so much time before first Major, dupreeh lost his father. Nevertheless, he decided to not leave his teammates and to compete alongside them. He showed his strength and performed at a high level in spite of a recent tragedy. Dupreeh is a true warrior. A great warrior never leaves his teammates on the battlefield, and Dupreeh did just that.

Post-Match Interview

When Dupreeh started giving a post-match interview, he couldn’t hide his emotions and burst into tears. He said that he came to the Katowice after his father passed away. Dupreeh mentioned that his father’s last wish was that his son wins the title at IEM Katowice. Therefore, dupreeh dedicated this trophy to his father. The interviewer was touched by dupreeh’s tears and he gave dupreeh a hug.

“I really wanted this title”

The interviewer asked Astralis’ entry fragger how much he wanted this Back-to-Back title. Dupreeh answered:

“This is probably the biggest wish I ever had, to make my father and family proud, as well as all our fans and people in esports. It’s just unbelievable that we did this. This was our dream.”

Astralis’ entry fragger and AWPer then thanked all people on the organization. He tried to not forget anyone who helped Astralis’ squad to achieve this incredible result. Dupreeh said that everything just functions so well and that he is grateful for that. He also thanked Astralis fans who came to Katowice to support their team.

“We don’t want to stop”

The interviewer asked a very logical question – what’s left to achieve? Dupreeh replied:

“We want to win, that’s our goal and what we always want to do. We did it one more time here and it’s just amazing, and we are just going to keep riding and we won’t give up”

Dupreeh’s story shows us that esports is more than a game. As Michal Carmac said, it’s about competing and self-improvement. As well, Astralis’ attitude to not stop giving their best is definitely something that other teams will have a problem with.

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