Top 5 Highest-Earning CS:GO Youngsters [U20]

Top 5 Highest-Earning CSGO Youngsters [U20]

Making thousands of dollars from playing your favorite game is a dream of any gamer. However, making more than $150,000 before your 21st birthday is at a completely different level. Here are the Top 5 highest-earning CS:GO youngsters.

5) Cvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov [NRG Esports]

CeRq is one of two NRG players on Top 5 highest-earning CS:GO youngster list. He is one of the best young AWPers in CS:GO competitive scene at the moment, and he is an extremely talented player.

Cvetelin CeRq Dimitrov [NRG Esports]
The Bulgarian started his professional CS:GO career in WinFiction in 2016 and then quickly moved to the local team, Outlaws. In August in 2017, CeRq joined NRG and since then his career started going uphill. He won three LAN titles with his team and made about $160,000 from prize money, which puts him in fifth place on Top 5 highest-earning CS:GO youngsters list.

The biggest reason why CeRq managed to get on this list is great consistency of his team, NRG Esports. This year, NRG failed to reach Play-offs only twice, at the Major and DreamHack Masters Dallas. Besides that, they played five Semi-finals and won the Katowice American Minor.

4) Ethan “Ethan” Arnold [NRG Esports]

Here is another proof of the great work of the North American CS:GO organization in the last couple of years. Instead of making numerous roster changes, NRG Esports decided to stick to more or less the same squad and wait for them to grow as a team. Even when NRG makes a change, they do it very cleverly. Hence, they have two Top 5 highest-earning CS:GO youngsters on their team.

Ethan Ethan Arnold [NRG Esports]
The 19-years old CS:GO player, born on March 2nd, 2000 made his first professional steps in Ex-Astral Authority. Later on, he joined Team Prospects but quickly moved to Counter Logic Gaming. There, he had some decent success, but his career started growing when he signed for NRG Esports at the beginning of 2018. Since then, his and CeRq’s paths are overlapping, so there is no need to mention how successful recent period was for Ethan. Thanks to his chapter in Counter Logic Gaming, Ethan is currently above CeRq on the list of Top highest-earning CS:GO youngsters with $180,000 earned from tournaments.

3) Robin “ropz” Kool [mousesports]

Ropz is perhaps one of the most talented young players out there and he is definitely a player that any good team would like to sign. Ropz began his professional career all the way back in 2016 when he played for different teams. However, he was mainly known for his great performance in FPL where he even made some people think that he was cheating. Of course, those suspicions turned out to be unfounded.


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big L today, not the result I wanted. Haven’t felt so bad after a game in a long time so it should only be getting better from now. Signing session tomorrow, if you’re at #iemsydney make sure to fly by.

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Ropz drew the attention of large CS:GO organization, and mousesports was one of them. In the middle of 2017, mouz signed ropz. Since then, ropz and mousesports recorded some really great results. They won four LAN titles, including StarLadder Series4 and ESL One New York 2018. Besides that, they reached the late stage of events so many times. Ropz has made $290,000 from tournament winnings. He is third highest-earning CS:GO youngsters list.

2) Denis “electronic” Sharipov [Natus Vincere]

The young Russian player stepped in the CS:GO competitive scene in 2015. He was playing for six different teams, and the first team he was with for a long time was Team Empire in 2016. The same year, he had a short chapter in NokSuKao and quickly moved to FlipSid3 Tactics. He stayed part of FlipSid3 Tactics for more than a year, and after good results, he was signed by the biggest Russian organization, Natus Vincere at the end of 2017.

As his career up to that point was so successful, the most money he made throughout his career came from his time in NaVi. With Natus Vincere, electronic won three big and three smaller LAN titles. Of course, as a Tier 1 team, NaVi had a bunch of good showings in 2018 and 2019. They played two Semi-finals at the Majors and finished as runner-ups at the FACEIT Major. In addition to that, they played another five Grand Finals and a number of Semis and Quarters. Therefore, as part of this successful team, electronic earned $383,000. So he ended up as second on our list of Top 5 highest-earning CS:GO youngsters.

1) Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken [Team Liquid]

Although electronic’s career is reasonably longer than anyone else’s career on this list, he just couldn’t beat the young prospect of the best team in the world at the moment, Team Liquid. Twistzz was very fortunate to find a place in Liquid’s squad in 2017, even though it didn’t look like that last year when Astralis was dominating the field.

Before that, he played for teams such as Team SoloMid, Misfits Gaming, and Team AGG. In terms of team success and tournament winnings, the pre-Liquid period wasn’t that successful for Twistzz apart from ECS Season 1 Semi-final where his team took $80,000.

When he joined Team Liquid, things started looking quite better for young Canadian. Last year, Liquid reached at least the Semi-final almost at every event. Even though they lacked trophies, it was a very lucrative year for them. This year, they finally started winning big trophies, which added even more money to Twistzz bank account. If Liquid keeps playing as well as they did so far, and if they manage to win Intel Grand Slam, Twistzz can easily raise his tournament winnings for huge amounts of money. At the moment, Twistzz tops this list with $453,000.

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