Top 5 CS:GO Pistol Players Of All Time

Top 5 CSGO Pistol Players Of All Time Esports

Spray transfers, AK one tap shots, AWP flicks and nade kills are all beautiful, but there is nothing more satisfying than seeing pistol headshots. This is our list of Top 5 CS:GO pistol players of all time whose pistol highlights are breathtaking.

5. Havard “rain” Nygaard [FaZe Clan]

Whenever you think of rain, you think of the player who is able to get pistol kills with ease. Maybe you cannot see his pistol highlights very often, but he has a huge impact in pistol rounds. Unlike many people on our list, rain is not only the deagle player, but he can deliver some great plays with all sorts of pistols. Rain can play with Glocks, USPs, CZs, P250s, and of course with a pistol boss, Desert Eagle.

Håvard rain Nygaard [FaZe Clan] esports
Rain took more than 3,000 frags with different pistols throughout his career against Top 30 teams. Additionally, he has the seventh-best rating in pistol rounds, which makes him one of the most impactful players in opening rounds. This also makes him one of the Top 5 CS:GO pistol players of all time.

4. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev [NaVi]

As one of the best CS:GO players of all time, s1mple is good with every single weapon. If you give the Negev to him, he would probably find a way to get the best out of it. Hence, his pistol skills are undeniable as well. Truly, you cannot see many highlights of s1mple’s pistol kills, but the only reason is that his highlights videos are overwhelmed by AWP and Riffle frags.


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Nevertheless, when s1mple has a deagle in his hands, you know that he is equally dangerous as most of the players with AKs and M4s. On top of that, s1mple has a huge impact in pistol rounds as he has the sixth-best rating in pistol rounds.

3. Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen [Astralis]

Dupreeh has always been one of the most important players for Astralis. His entry fragging abilities are extraordinary, and he is very successful in what he is doing. However, another trademark of dupreeh is his capability of taking down his opponents with nasty deagle headshots.

Given that he is an entry fragger, his aim needs to always be at the highest possible level. Therefore, going for a headshot is always mandatory for dupreeh, so he developed a great feeling for headshots. It definitely helps him a lot when it comes to fighting only with a pistol in his hands. Also, dupreeh is one of the main reasons behind Astralis’ success in eco rounds. When you have such a talented pistol player on your team, things automatically get much easier for you.

Additionally, dupreeh has a big impact in pistol rounds as well. Although he is not one of the best players in pistol rounds, he still holds a high 10th place when it comes to pistol rounds ratings. With all said, dupreeh is unquestionably one of the Top 5 CS:GO pistol players of all time.

2. Nikola “NiKo” Kovac [FaZe Clan]

Alongside s1mple, NiKo is one of the most skilled CS:GO players of all time without a doubt. His two straight Top 3 finishes just prove the previous statement. Just like s1mple, he can play with any weapon in his hands and he always represents a danger to the opponent team.

However, some of his most beautiful plays are actually done by deagles and other pistols. Moreover, NiKo is perhaps the player with the best aim in the CS:GO competitive scene that ever competed professionally. On top of all said, NiKo is the best CS:GO player in pistol rounds with 1.33 rating. He also has the best K/D difference (+407) in pistol rounds, and there is no way to make a list of Top 5 CS:GO pistol players without putting NiKo on that list.

1. Dennis “dennis” Edman [Gamer Legion]

Dennis is absolutely the best CS:GO pistol player of all time without a doubt. At FACEIT Major last year, when pros were asked who is the best pistol round player the most frequent answer was dennis. Also, the Swedish player is known as “pistol God” in the CS:GO community and for good reason. Although he didn’t have so much luck with finding a place in one of two best Swedish teams (Fnatic and NiP) recently, as he parted ways with both teams, dennis’ pistol skills are outrageous.

Dennis dennis Edman [Gamer Legion] esports
Source: Dreamhack
He can perform very well with any pistol in the game, and every team would like to have such a good pistol player. No wonder that dennis is good with pistols considering he plays the role of entry fragger that requires incredible aiming skills. Therefore, shooting his opponents in head with any sorts of weapon is nothing strange for dennis who has 1.09 rating in pistol rounds, which puts him in a company of players with a positive rating in pistol rounds.

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