Top 5 CS:GO AWPers Ever

Top 5 CSGO AWPers Ever

Having a good and reliable AWPer on a team is mandatory for the biggest achievements. Although AWPing seems to be easy, only a few players throughout history really made it look easy. Some of them are on our Top 5 CS:GO AWPers ever list.

5) Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo [MiBR]

FalleN is considered to be one of the greatest Brazillian players of all time. Although his teammate, coldzera, is the one who actually got graffiti thanks to jumping no-scope kills, FalleN is the one who plays with AWP more often and more consistently.

As a great In-Game Leader, FalleN has a huge impact on his team’s game. Also, his AWP skills help him to go toe-to-toe with his teammates when it comes to fragging. For a good In-Game Leader, it’s very important to not get too comfortable and to keep performing at a high level. As an AWPer, that’s exactly what FalleN does. On top of all said, he is the fourth player with most AWP kills ever (6,594) and the fifth player with the most AWP kills per round (0.37), including matches against Top 20 teams only. With all said, FalleN is undeniably one of Top 5 CS:GO AWPers ever.

4) Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev [Natus Vincere]

Although s1mple is not anywhere near the top when it comes to AWP kills, no one can deny his astonishing AWPing skills. Furthermore, part of the reason why s1mple’s stats are not as good as they can be is that he doesn’t play with AWP all the time and because his career is significantly shorter than careers of other great AWPers.


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Nevertheless, he still managed to take about 4,200 AWP kills against Top 20 teams during his career. It is seemingly a lot. But, what really makes s1mple one of Top 5 CS:GO AWPers ever is his incredible aggression and the way he gets away with it unharmed. He can literally peek any angle he wants and still has reasonably good chances to win those duels.

Moreover, he is the most successful player when it comes to winning opening duels. S1mple took part in the majority of these duels with AWP. Additionally, s1mple doesn’t even play with AWP only. He doesn’t have a problem to switch to Riffle at any moment, which makes his AWPing skills even more valuable. But, that also cost him a better position on our Top 5 CS:GO AWPers ever list.

3) Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz [Astralis]

Dev1ce’s story as an AWPer started when Astralis needed a player on that position. Hence, he hasn’t been an AWPer since the beginning of his career and it puts more weight to his astonishing AWPing skills.

Dev1ce is completely the opposite kind of an AWPer to s1mple. Whereas s1mple likes to get aggressive whenever he wants, dev1ce approach to this position more conservatively. He still manages to get many opening kills with AWP, and that’s why he has the most opening kills against Top 20 teams (2,956). In addition to that, dev1ce is the fifth best player when it comes to AWP kills (6,361). With everything mentioned, this puts dev1ce in third place on our list of Top 5 CS:GO AWPers ever.

2) Kenny “kennyS” Schrub [G2 Esports]

If CS:GO fans picked their Top 5 AWPers list, kennyS would definitely be on top. Back in the day, kennyS was playing with AWP almost like with a rifle. He was so aggressive and so successful with his aggression that Valve decided to nerf the AWP. Although their official explanation was different, the common opinion is that they nerfed the AWP because of kennyS. People thought that the AWP was too powerful in the hands of kennyS and something needed to be done about it. That’s why Valve reduced the speed of scoped AWP, which hurt kennyS the most.

Kenny kennyS Schrub [G2 Esports]
Source: kennyS’ Twitter account
Since then, kennyS’ AWPing game significantly changed, but he is still able to pull off some unimaginable plays. His insanely quick flicks are kennyS’ trademark. Whenever players are on the retake, it’s recommended for them to pick up rifles. However, when kennyS is there, it’s perfectly fine to go with AWP as he is equally dangerous with AWP in both defense and offense. Despite all said, stats and consistency are talking against kennyS, so he couldn’t get on top of our Top 5 CS:GO AWPers ever list.

1) Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács [FaZe Clan]

Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács is one of those old-school dedicated AWPers who prefer patience and positioning over aggression and fancy kills. His performance as an AWPer rarely drops, and his team can always count on him. If there is a synonym for reliability in CS:GO, that must be GuardiaN.


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When it comes to statistics, he absolutely tops every AWP list. He is the best AWPer in terms of total AWP kills (8,397) and has the most AWP kills per round (0.43) against Top 20 teams. Although he played three Major Finals, he has never won the one and that’s a big hole in his career. Moreover, he is probably one of the best players who have never won Major, alongside s1mple, Twistzz, EliGE, and others. However, he is undoubtedly the best CS:GO AWPer ever according to our Top 5 CS:GO AWPers list.

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