Top 10 CS:GO Series Of All Time

Top 10 CSGO Series Of All Time Esports ESL IEM Competitive
  • So many epic matches have been played throughout the rich history of CS:GO, and they are all special in their own way. Here you can check out our list of Top 10 CS:GO series of all time.

10. mousesports – NaVi [StarLadder & i-League StarSeries Season 4 Grand Final]

Mousesports managed to prevail in three map series and to clinch their first big title. This match showcased so many clutch duels, incredible plays and had a number of intense situations. On one side, s1mple was doing his thing, and on the other side, the whole mousesports squad was performing at a high level. NaVi won the first leg on Overpass (16-7). However, mousesports bounced back on Mirage after double Overtime (22-18). Finally, mousesports concluded this great series on Train (16-9) to secure their first big title.

9. Astralis – Fnatic [IEM Chicago 2018 Semi-final]

In a time of absolute dominance of Astralis, there was a team who almost ruined their perfect year and dreams from winning Intel Grand Slam. After an unsuccessful beginning of the year, the Danish team had to finish the season in a perfect way in order to win Intel Grand Slam. So, there was an imperative of winning IEM Chicago to accomplish such a thing. However, Fnatic almost knocked out gla1ve and co. in Semi-final.

Astralis won the first map (Dust 2) after 30 rounds, although they could finish things earlier as they had a 14-3 advantage. Fnatic equalized their chances after the second map (Mirage) which they won with 16-12 scoreline. Finally, teams moved to Inferno, the map where both teams have been so good. At half-time, it looked like Astralis’ dreams about winning Intel Grand Slam were over as Fnatic won the first half 11-4.

But, last year, nothing was impossible for the Danish squad. Fnatic won 4 more rounds to set the score on 15-9 and earn six match points. But, Astralis showed their mental strength as they came back and took the game to Overtime where they prevailed (19-17) to reach the Grand Final and book another meeting with Team Liquid. Later on, they won IEM Chicago. Eventually, they clinched Intel Grand Slam and they were just one round from failing to do so.

8. FaZe Clan – Astralis [IEM Sydney 2018 Grand Final]

Speaking of not so good beginning of the year for Astralis, IEM Sydney 2018 was part of that unsatisfactory period. Prior to Sydney, Astralis blundered at Boston Major and StarSeries Season 4 and they also lost to FaZe Clan in Semi-final of IEM World Championship. Two months later, FaZe beat them again in the Grand Final of IEM Sydney 2018, so Astralis already “wasted” two events where they could get closer to Intel Grand Slam.

However, despite beating Astralis in the year that later became known as the best year of one team in CS:GO ever, this match was interesting to watch because of the way it was played out. The final scoreline was 3-0 for FaZe, but there was much more drama then the score shows us. On all three maps (Cache, Overpass, Train) one team had a big lead at half-time, and the other one was coming back.

On the first two maps, FaZe won the first half 10-5, but Astralis managed to take the game to Overtime both times. Nevertheless, FaZe came out victorious both times (19-17, 22-20). On the third map, Astralis was the team with a big lead after side switch (11-4), but FaZe bounced back and concluded things before Overtime (16-14) to secure the big title and beat Astralis for the second time.

On top of all said, this game saw numerous jaw-dropping plays and outstanding performance coming from both sides. So, this series definitely deserves to be considered one of Top 10 CS:GO series of all time.

Click here to watch the full match.

7. Fnatic – FaZe Clan [IEM World Championship 2018 Grand Final]

FaZe found the place in another one of Top 10 CS:GO series of all time, but this time they were on losing side. Yes, they managed to beat Astralis in the semi-final of IEM World Championship, but they couldn’t defeat Fnatic in the epic Grand Final. This match had everything – dozens of highlights videos, incredible plays, immense drama, and epic decider. Additionally, this match had huge importance for both teams. FaZe came to Katowice after lost Major Final that they lost in a very painful way. On the other side, Fnatic was in a poor form, so this win would’ve meant so much for them.

FaZe kicked off in a dominant fashion on Cache (16-5), but Fnatic won Inferno after double Overtime (22-20). Afterward, they got an upper hand as they secured Overpass (16-7). Fnatic could finish FaZe off on Mirage, but instead, karrigan and his teammates defeated Fnatic in a convincing manner (16-11).

Finally, the winner was to be decided on Train. After 29 rounds, FaZe had one championship point, but flusha magically won 1v2 Ace clutch to save Fnatic and force Overtime.

In Overtime, Fnatic outlasted FaZe (19-17) to win their first big title since the same event two years earlier. This epic match just had to make it to our list of Top 10 CS:GO series of all time.

Click here to watch the full match.

6. Astralis – [ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 Grand Final]

The importance of duel between Astralis and in the Grand Final of Atlanta Major was historical. On one side, Astralis was playing for their first Major title and second big title in a row. On the other side, was playing for their second Major title.

The hype about this Grand Final was big and the match met expectations. started off the Grand Final in a great fashion as they won Nuke (16-12). Astralis then wrapped up Overpass after a dramatic ending where had 14-13 lead at one point, but Danes won the last three rounds. Also, Xyp9x won the well-known 1v3 clutch on only on 1HP in important 20th round.

The map of the decision was Train, and Astralis proved once again how tough they can be. The Poles were leading 13-7, and 14-12, but Astralis never gave up and they managed to win the last four rounds to secure the map and to win the very first Major title in their history.

Click here to watch the full match.

5. Fnatic – Cloud9 [ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Grand Final]

This match was the first out of 3 consecutive finals that Cloud9 played in summer 2015, and it was the one of two they felt they could and they should win. For them, winning this title would’ve meant a lot as NA CS:GO scene at that time wasn’t as serious as it is today. Hence, beating Fnatic who had a dominant year would’ve been a great accomplishment. However, Fnatic proved to be too strong for Cloud9.

Fnatic - Cloud9 [ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Grand Final]
Seangares and his team won the first map on Cobblestone 16-14, but Fnatic wiped Cloud9 out on Cache (16-6). On the third map (Overpass), Cloud9 had an upper hand most of the time. They had 13-8 and a 14-12 lead, but it wasn’t enough for them to finish Fnatic off. So, the Swedes came back and won this map after 30 rounds.

Finally, things moved to Dust 2. There, Cloud9 had 6 map points and a great chance to take the game to the map of decision. However, they choked and Fnatic forced Overtime out of nowhere. Eventually, Cloud9 was mentally down, and they failed to win a single map in the Overtime. If you watched the reaction video of freakazoid on Cloud9 summer 2015, you can see that he still regrets they couldn’t finish off Fnatic twice. But, nevertheless, this match had everything it needs to be part of our list of Top 10 CS:GO series of all time.

Click here to watch the full match.

4. Team Liquid – G2 [ESL Pro League Season 9 Grand Final]

This match is the one that has been played most recently out of all Top 10 CS:GO series on our list. On one side, we had G2 who unexpectedly reached the Grand Final in front of the domestic crowd. KennyS was on fire, and their compatriots in the Sud de France arena were rooting for the Frenchmen so passionately. On the other side, we had Team Liquid who didn’t only play for themselves but for the NA CS scene. They fought to become the first NA squad that won the big event on European soil.

The first map (Dust 2), was a back and forth ride for both teams that ended in the victory of Team Liquid after Overtime (19-15). The second map (Overpass) was an easy job for Team Liquid as they completely destroyed G2 (16-3). The Frenchmen won the third map (16-12), and things almost went to the decider after drama on Inferno. G2 had the victory in their hands, but Twitstzz won incredible 1v3 clutch in force buy round for Team Liquid. The game went to the first and second Overtime when Liquid put the game to bed and concluded this series in their favor.

They succeeded in winning ESL Pro League and getting just one step away from Intel Grand Slam prize.

Click here to watch the match.

3. Luminosity Gaming – Team Liquid [MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016 Semi-final]

Unfortunately, alongside this great match against G2 Esports, Liquid is also known for the biggest choke ever in CS:GO history. Namely, they managed to waste 15 map points in only two map series. This loss was a subject of countless jokes that CS:GO fans have been making about Liquid. Whenever they start losing a big lead, chat goes mad with spamming “Liquid choke” or something similar.

No wonder considering how big lead Liquid had on both maps. However, besides the big drama, this match is known for one of the most legendary plays made by coldzera on B site Mirage. Of course, we are talking about jumping AWP quad-kill he made. Later on, Valve added graffiti regarding this play. In the end, Luminosity won both maps (19-15, 19-16), and eventually they won Major as well.

Click here to watch the full match.

2. Fnatic – NiP [IEM Sydney 2019 Quarter-Final]

This encounter is probably the least historically important on our list, but it was just too good to not be here. The last two maps were some of the best maps we ever had a chance to see. Fnatic kicked off in convincing manner as they won on Cache (16-6), but the real thing was just about to begin.

Things moved to Overpass where Fnatic had two match points, but NiP saved it and took the game to Overtime. Then, we saw not single, but triple Overtime. Both teams saved one map point, but NiP prevailed in the end (25-22). Things moved to Dust 2 and there wasn’t any less drama. NiP had a big lead (13-8), but Fnatic won seven a row, so NiP again had to save to match points, which they did. In the first Overtime, NiP saved another to match points, just to lose this epic match in the second Overtime (22-20). As said, this game didn’t have almost any historical significance, but it was just too epic and on top of that, it featured so many great moves and plays.

Click here to watch the full match.

1. Cloud9 – FaZe Clan [ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 Grand Final]

Fortunately for Cloud9, they will not only be remembered in history as the team that could do a lot but didn’t do anything. On the contrary, they did something that only several teams managed to do. Prior to Boston Major, the NA squad was considered to be one of Top 10 teams in the world, but they never actually were contenders for the biggest titles. But, their run at Boston Major was just unbelievable, and they finished it in style.

After splitting the first two maps, Cloud9 and FaZe went to the map of decision, Inferno. That map was going to decide if NiKo and GuardiaN were going to win their first Major titles, or if Cloud9 was going to become the first NA team ever to become Major champions. And the last map was a real rollercoaster.

FaZe had 4 championship points, but Cloud9 saved all of them and took the game to Overtime. There they had 3 championship points, but this time FaZe was on the “saving side” as they forced the second Overtime. In the end, Cloud9 prevailed to become the first NA team with the Major trophy. Given all historical importance and all drama that comes with this match, it totally deserves to find the place on top of our Top 10 CS:GO series of all time list.

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