The best CS:GO player in the world, s1mple, continues to amaze us

Best CSGO player in the world, s1mple, continues to amaze us

Esports players aren’t always playing in professional matches. A lot of the times they stream on their personal Twitch/Mixer/YouTube account for their followers. S1mple is one of those esports players that loves to stream outside of tournaments and enjoys interacting with his fans. S1mple also happens to the best CS:GO esports player in the world. There’s a very good reason for this. S1mple embodies everything that a top tier esports player needs such as a strong mental game, above-average skillset, incredible knowledge of the overall game and a great attitude.

S1mple Plays for Natus Vincere (NaVi), a Ukrainian esports organization, and they are definitely thankful to have such a star player on their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. S1mple won HLTV’s #1 Player spot in 2018 and if there’s any hint from the CS:GO community, s1mple will repeat as #1 player for the 2019 overall player rankings.

S1mple Continues To Amaze Us

When s1mple streams from his home, he always has top moments, and fans are always clipping these amazing moments on Twitch. While s1mple was recently streaming, he was playing in a lobby and was putting on a clinic. During one of the rounds, he asked his teammate to boost him. In CS:GO, players do this maneuver to get an edge in reach. Boosting is when one player crouches down, and another player jumps onto his back. Well, s1mple had an idea of where the enemies were at and asked his teammate, “boost me here“.

S1mple saw smoke from the right side and knew there was some commotion happening there. He believed that the enemies were still laying low behind the smoke and wanted to get a better aim down sight. As he got onto his teammate’s back, he had a better angle to zoom down towards the end of the road where two enemies would be hanging around. Watch what happens next.

With one bullet s1mple took out two enemies to win the round. It was an incredible snipe from the best player in the world, of course, with the help of his teammate Peter. s1mple amazes the CS:GO world over and over again, and he can do it on the big stage or in the comfort of his own home.

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